St. John Berchmans - Ocean Buddies

Shapes and Colors

The Ocean Buddies were busy this week exploring shapes and colors! We practiced fine motor skills by cutting straight lines to make name puzzles. We also ripped and glued papers, drew shapes in shaving cream, and used watercolors.

During our science lessons, we learned about different tools that scientists use. We used our classroom tweezers and magnifying glasses to sort pom poms by color and look at different kinds of seashells.

For math, we played a shape game and even used shape cookies in our sensory bins.

We met with our Faith Partners again this week and practiced being kind to each other. They also showed us how to be respectful in church, too!

We loved painting at the easel and making our classroom book "Children, Children, What Do You See?"

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Me and My Family

This week, the Ocean Buddies continued to learn about what makes them unique and how each of us belongs to a different family. The Ocean Buddies decorated people cut-outs to represent themselves or someone in their family. They participated in many activities using their fine motor skills. They used dot markers to decorate their name, erasers to form letters, and worked together to complete puzzles. They also practiced holding scissors and cutting wrapping paper.

On Thursday, the Ocean Buddies met with their Faith Partners, the second grade class! They enjoyed exploring the classroom together. We will get together with our Faith Partners throughout the school year and sit with them when we attend church.

The Ocean Buddies also attended the Helping Kids Get Along workshop where we learned how to politely ask someone to stop their mean/annoying behavior.

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Meet the new Ocean Buddies!

Welcome to our classroom blog. Each week we will post fun photos and activities from our classroom.

This week the Ocean Buddies were busy exploring their new classroom and learning about what makes them unique. We discussed our favorite colors, who we have in our families, and so much more. We drew self portraits, looked at our fingerprints under magnifying glasses and practiced recognizing and making our names in many different ways. The Ocean Buddies built their names out of magnets, traced their letters with paint, strung letter beads together, and traced with crayons.

The Ocean Buddies took their first mini field trip to our chapel to learn about the special place. We drew pictures of what we saw in there. We also had our first Spanish and gym classes. The Ocean Buddies loved fishing for letters and riding scooters with Ms. Kim!