St. John Berchmans - Ocean Buddies


Our theme for the next two weeks is Thanksgiving and the letter Jj. The Ocean Buddies painted the uppercase letter J with juice! During centers, they practiced their fine motor skills as they cut and glued shape pumpkins. They traced Thanksgiving words and pictures, and completed a pumpkin patch letter matching activity. For religion, the Ocean Buddies talked about thanking God for the good things in their lives. Many of the students drew pictures of their families on their cornucopias. For science, the students experimented with their fingerprints. They tried to answer this riddle, "What do you always have with you, yet always leave behind? Your fingerprints!" For the first time this school year, the preschool classes visited the music class to sing songs with Mr. Arkenberg. The Ocean Buddies also had a lot of fun meeting with their Faith Partners, the second grade class, to make handprint turkeys! They decorated their turkeys with Fruit Loops and then made cereal necklaces!

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On the Farm

This week the Ocean Buddies learned about farm animals and the letter Ii. We painted our uppercase letters I with ice cubes of different colors. Our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree is slowly filling up with all of the letters of the alphabet!

During centers, we played with farm animal counters and built towers with tiny red cups. We also played with corn and farm animal counters in our sensory bins. In a literacy lesson, we sorted letter, number, and word eggs! The Ocean Buddies did a lot of art projects this week. They made cotton ball sheep and muddy sponge-painted pigs. We also had art with Ms. Petie this week. During her class, we read the story We're Going on a Bear Hunt and drew our own bears by following directions. During math the Ocean Buddies compared more and less and identified numbers 1-10 by playing farm bingo. During science we followed a recipe make our own pizza!

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Happy Halloween!

The Ocean Buddies spent the week learning about the letter H and celebrating Halloween!

As a math activity, the Ocean Buddies followed recipes to make Witches' Brew!

For our weekly science activity, the Ocean Buddies experimented with candy pumpkins. They each took a guess on whether or not the candy pumpkins would sink or float in each liquid. Then, they observed the candy pumpkins as they dissolved in the water and lemon juice. The vegetable oil was the only liquid that did not dissolve the candy.

Look at us in our Halloween costumes!

We had a lot of fun at the Halloween Fest!

Happy Halloween from the Ocean Buddies Class!

Silly Faces!


The Ocean Buddies are learning about Halloween! They sewed spiderwebs, added candy pumpkins, ripped paper to create candy corn, practiced positional words with shape pumpkins, and drew what they want to be for Halloween.

We also learned about the letter G. We used glitter to decorate our uppercase letter G and put sticker gumballs on the G page in our alphabet books.

Thank you to Brynn's mom for coming in to do a special Halloween craft with us for the Halloween Fest!

Fire Safety

This week, the Ocean Buddies learned about letter F and talked about Fire Safety.

We talked about "hot" objects that children should not touch because they could get hurt. After our discussion, we practiced Stop, Drop and Roll.

Our pumpkin seeds are starting to sprout! We enjoy watering them and watching the plants grow!

The Ocean Buddies are working very hard during their assessments. We can't wait to show you all that they know during parent-teacher conferences!

We conducted a science experiment about heat. First, we rubbed our hands together and discussed how they became "hot." Next, we rubbed one coin very quickly across the top of a newspaper. We observed how the coin we were rubbing became "hot" but the coin that was still stayed cool to touch.

Community Helpers

The Ocean Buddies learned about Community Helpers and the letter E this week. They made hats showing what they want to be when they grow up. They pretended to be doctors and glued bandaids on their bear patient covered in letter boo-boos. We also learned about different tools that helpers use, made a Jesus doctor bag, and colored our our Community Helpers Alphabet Book.

We had our first Art class with Ms. Petie! She read the story "The Day I Lost My Superpowers" by Michael Escoffier. Then we decorated superhero masks!

The Ocean Buddies planted pumpkin seeds!

Five Senses

This week, the Ocean Buddies learned about their five senses and the letter D. They used Kool-Aid to watercolor a picture, identified the 5 senses while creating Mr. Potato Head, identified objects that made quiet and loud sounds, and played a five senses sorting game. While learning about the letter D, the Ocean Buddies decorated the letter with dot markers.

The Ocean Buddies practiced their fine motor skills!

The Ocean Buddies watched an animated version of the book, "Where the Wild Things Are," and created paper bag wild things puppets.

Thank you Brynn for bringing in "Boo-nanas" and pumpkin oranges for a special snack!

A firefighter came to visit and teach us about fire safety!


This week the Ocean Buddies continued learning about Fall and focused on the letter C. We created trees out of different shapes, made leaf rubbings, and taste tested different color apples. We used cars to paint the letter C, decorated hole punched cookies, and even used the Promethean Board for the first time!

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