St. John Berchmans Kindergarten

Visualize! Teaching readers to create pictures in their minds.

Visualizing is a skill that is essential for building reading comprehension. We know that when readers lose their mental picture, comprehension is lost as well. As we read, we create mental images of what is happening in the story as it unfolds, based on what we already know and understand about the world around us. We are tapping into prior knowledge, making connections, inferring information, and paying attention to details.

During our Transportation Study we challenged the kindergarteners to visualize different types of transportation as I described them. They closed their eyes and listened before drawing what they had visualize.

All About Apples

Playing, painting, reading and experimenting with apples.

Did you know if you put lemon juice on apple slices they will not turn brown as quickly?

Science Scoop!

What we wanted to know: Is black really just black?

What we found out: Black is made up of red, yellow, green, orange and purple!

A Peek at Kinder Math

We love math in kindergarten and as mathematicians we do lots of hands on learning using different math tools and working together.

Faith Partner Day

This year the Kindergarteners are paired with 6th graders for Faith Partners. We will meet throughout the year and beginning after Christmas we will sit together at mass. Our first meeting the 6th graders gave the Kindergarteners a tour of the Church, and taught them a little about prayer. It was a wonderful morning!

Kindergarten Happenings

First Day of Kindergarten

August 22, 2017

I use to be little, but not anymore.

Today I will get up and walk out the door.

I'm going to Kindergarten. It's my first day, you see.

It's great to be big! I'm so glad that I'm me!