Ms. Borrasso's Class


Another busy, chaotic, and short week complete! 4th grade left Halloween Fest pretty successful, I'd say! With games, raffles, and sending people to "jail," these kids had a blast at Halloween Fest! Our scary (adorable!) mummies decorated the gym walls perfectly! In class we watched a Halloween movie called Monster in Paris, while snacking on some birthday treats from Bella and some juice and clementines. In the afternoon the students came back from Art to one last hoorah before heading out for the evening to Trick-or-Treat! During our party the students played a dice game to complete a drawing of a jackolantern and played a game of "would you rather" Halloween edition! Check out the 4th grade in Action page for some pictures and videos of the day!


Well, where has the time gone?! Quarter one is officially over and conferences are right around the corner! The students have been working hard these past few weeks! Science is a big hit; we have a class full of project lovers! We have been working hard on our ecosystem projects, which are due Nov. 1! Check out the "4th grade in Action" page for some pictures of our groups researching and making their dioramas.

With the quarter ending, please note the addition of "grades" in homeroom. I have updated participation and class dojo points into a homeroom grade, which can be seen on RenWeb. Remember, class dojo is used to keep an eye on whats going on in the classroom from creativity to off task, and everything in between!

Here's to finishing one quarter and onto the next!


This week we started the Aspire Interim tests! 4th grade took the reading and English practice tests on Friday. Next Thursday they will complete one more round of testing.

During the week the students worked hard on their science projects and completed a jigsaw of how animals adapt. Check out the "4th Grade in Action" page to see pictures of the students hard at work!

Now that the students have their own iPad log ins we have been able to use them in the classroom! We have been working in centers for reading and doing some research and projects to help build knowledge of our reading story.

In religion class we have been learning about making good choices and how temptations can make an impact in our lives. We are working on recognizing temptations and making the right decisions to best be able to follow God.


What an eventful week! We had picture day to start the week, and a birthday celebration to end the week! Students have begun working in literacy centers this week, focusing on word work, fluency, writing, and technology! We were able to set up the kids on their own iPad accounts so now we can use those to enhance our learning! Our 4th graders also led the bilingual mass Friday, doing an amazing job!

Readers: Al and Ceci

Alter Servers: Gigi, Agatha, Oscar

Petitions: Max, Sarah, Alana, George, Mayah, Cian, Eve, Bella, Joseph

Gifts: Edgar, Alex

Finally, progress reports were sent out Thursday. Be sure to check your email and review your child's grades!