PreK Wise Owls

WEEK OF 11/13-11/17

We were all very THANKFUL for yet another week of school with each other! This week's theme was all about Thanksgiving and the importance of this holiday!

On Monday, the students practiced retelling parts of a story after reading the story "Bear Says Thanks". In small groups, stuents recalled different parts of the story and drew a picture of which part stood out to them the most! The students also had fun playing with pumpkin scented playdough!

On Tuesday, we read the story of Noah's Ark. We then participated i a craft by demonstrating how God always keeps his promises. After learning that the letter of the week is "I", the students each made their letter "I" page for their alphabet book!

On Wednesday, we celebrated Miss Cristina by throwing her a surprise baby shower! Thank you to everyone for making this day so special for her and her future baby girl! Special thanks to Teddy for baking pink cupcakes and popcorn for everyone to eat! The students also played a fun game of guessing which flavor baby food they were eating! They also decorated their own baby outfit! It was an extra special day because we were able to visit the music classroom and have a music class with Mr. Scott! It was a fun day for sure!

On Thursday, the students wrote and drew about what they were most thankful for. They also watched a My Big World activity and read an article about Thanksgiving Dinner!

On Friday, we used pipe cleaners in the shape of turkey feet to make turkey tracks with paint! We also painted using feathers!

WEEK OF 11/6-11/10

After making a list of different things we wanted to learn about this year, we decided as a class that this week, our theme would be Owls! Here are some of the fun activities we did this week!

On Monday, the students painted and created their own owls! We used these owls to decorate the hallway outside of our classroom!

On Tuesday, the students learned about what owls eat while doing a fun matching activity! After learning our letter of the week is "H", they also completed their letter H page for their alphabet book!

On Wednesday, the students learned that "nocturnal" animals, such as owls, are awake at night and sleep during the day. In small groups, they observed other animals that are nocturnal. The students also did some letter recognition practice by matching Owls with letters on them to a letter tree. Some students even practiced matching upper and lowercase letters together!

On Thursday, the students learned and labeled the different parts of an owl! They also were able to use the Promethean Board for the first time this school year to identify and circle which owl in a set was different from the others. The students enjoyed using this new piece of technology!

On Friday, the students learned that there are different kinds of owls! The snowy weather made us want to create our own snowy owls. They also completed a measurement activity with owls! After working in small groups, the students were able to watch a Wild Kratts video that discussed snowy owls!

WEEK OF 10/30-11/2

Here are more fun activities the students participated in this week (10/30-11/2) for more of our Halloween Theme:

On Monday, after reading "Bats at the Library", the students used a diagram to label the different parts of a bat. They also completed a story dictation where they drew a picture and told a Halloween story based on that picture.

On Tuesday, we had the best time dressing up in our costumes and going to our Halloween Fest!

On Wednesday, the students worked on their October writing and fine motor skills. They also took turns going with a teacher to visit and explore the Chapel in the main building. While there, they discussed the differences between the Chapel and the Church as well as the importance of prayer.

It was great to see all the parents on Thursday at parent/teacher conferences! We hope you all have a fun, long weekend!

WEEK OF 10/23-10/27

Here are some of the fun activities the students participated in this week (10/23-10/27) for our Halloween Theme:

On Monday, the students played a Halloween Roll and Color Game. They rolled a dice and colored the number that they landed on. They also made Puffy Ghosts using shaving cream! These will be used as decorations for our Halloween Fest on Tuesday in the gym!

On Tuesday, the students made spider webs by using a marble to roll white paint around. They also worked on their letter of the week page, which was the letter "G"

On Wednesday, the students wrote and drew pictures about what they were going to be for Halloween. Also, after reading the story "There's a Nightmare in my Closet", the students created their own monster in a closet.

On Thursday, the students made their own slime! They also worked on creating their own Halloween counting book.

On Friday, the students worked on listening to and identifying the beginning sounds of different Halloween words, such as "witch", "mummy", and "ghost". After singing the song "5 Little Pumpkins", students made their own pictures of 5 little pumpkins.

WEEK OF 10/16-10/20

Welcome To The Wise Owls Blog!

Here are some of the fun activities the students participated in this week (10/16-10/20) for our Pumpkin Theme:

On Monday, the students worked on a sequencing activity involving the growth of pumpkins. The students put the pumpkins in order from smallest to largest. They also read an articles and watched a video about pumpkins!

On Tuesday, the students completed their Letter "F" page for their alphabet book. They decorated their page full of fingerprints to identify the letter "F". They also were able to measure real pumpkins with using a scale, measuring tape, and unifix cubes.

On Wednesday, the students were able to be hands-on with their pumpkins and explore the inside of them. Students made observations about what it felt like and what they noticed about the pumpkins. The students also worked on their fine motor skills by lacing pumpkin paper plates!

On Thursday, the students practiced their number recognition by participating in a pumpkin number matching activity. They matched the amount of dots within the pumpkin to the written number. After reading the book "Spookley: The Square Pumpkin" , the students made their own Spookley during an art activity!

On Friday, the students practiced rhyming by matching a picture to the number it rhymed with. They also learned the different parts of the pumpkin during a fun color and match activity.

We hope everyone has a fun, yet relaxing weekend! We look forward to seeing our Wise Owls back in school on Monday!

WEEK OF 10/2-10/6

Here are some of the fun activities the students participated in this week (10/2-10/6) for our Fire Safety Theme:

On Monday, the students each made their own fire truck using a variety of shapes! These fire trucks are on display in the hallway for everyone in the school to view! We also practiced our cutting skills by cutting out different pictures related to fire safety!

On Tuesday, the students learned the letter of the week: D. The Wise Owls created their letter "D" page to contribute to their alphabet book. They also went on a scavenger hunt throughout the classroom and school to identify different fire safety equipment such as a fire extinguisher or a fire alarm.

To prepare for our visit from the Chicago Fire Department on Thursday, the Wise Owls each made a "Thank You" page to the firefighters to say thanks for all their hard work for the community. We then put all the pages together to make a book to give to the Fire Department. The students also read an article about Fire Safety from "My Big World". They then completed a follow-up activity where they identified what objects are safe to touch and what are not.

On Thursday, we had a special visit from a Chicago Fire Fighter! He taught us all about fire safety and what to do if there is ever a fire! We also played a letter recognition game. The students each picked one card at a time, identified the letter in the fire and then dotted the letter on their page. The students also sorted objects that were either safe or not safe to touch or play with.

On Friday, the students learned that they should call 911 if there is ever a fire or any other emergency. They participated in a craft where they glued and dotted the numbers "911" and then colored a flame to identify that they should call that number in case of an emergency. They then participated in a "Roll and Color" activity where they rolled a dice and then colored the flame with the number that they landed on.

To wrap-up another exciting week, the Wise Owl classroom decorated the PreK board in the hallway for everyone in the school to view! We hope you enjoyed hearing all about our Fire Safety Theme as well as viewing the pictures. Have a fantastic LONG weekend!

WEEK OF 9/25-9/29

Here is just a snapshot of all the great things we did this week (9/25-9/29) for our Shape Theme. We are still playing around with this new format for the blog and trouble shooting somethings. As the weeks progress we hope to continue to improve upon it and possibly add more features.

On Monday we used our fine motor and language skills to dot shapes and make them in shaving cream.

On Tuesday we played a roll and graph game and worked on our letter C page for our alphabet book.

On Wednesday we practiced cutting shapes and worked on shape puzzles.

Thursday we played with play dough to create shapes and created pictures by tracing different shapes.

On Friday we used geoboards to create shapes and made a shape "pizza".

Those are just a few of the activities we did this week. Remember to check out the blog every Friday for new posts. Have a wonderful weekend!