Mrs. Vogtman's Homepage

Monday- P.E. Maryland Day Maryland accessories may be added to P.E. uniform

Tuesday- Mc Donald's Burger Day

Wednesday- 8:15 mass

Thursday- Library Subway Day


Class News:

  • Thank you so much for sending back progress report envelopes so quickly. We are heading down the home stretch.

We are learning about Lent. Doing for others and getting our hearts ready for Easter.

Thanks to all those parents that take the time to read this post each week. I really appreciate it.

We have multiple birthdays this month. Please remember any treats sent in must be peanut free and that non edible treats are also an option.

I am noticing that many of us are not listening and this is causing mistakes on work, so I am getting a little tougher about paying attention. First grade is right around the corner and I want them to be ready.

We are working on printing with space between words and proper punctuation.

Pleas practice reading simple sentences and stories often with your child. It's a way to build fluency and confidence.

Remember to send your child in the appropriate outer wear. (Hats,gloves) Some of us are still having trouble zipping. Keep practicing:)