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Hello 1B Families! We are well into the winter season with our students. Please continue to utilize this site as a way to stay up to date with all that is happening inside the classroom, as well as resources and important information for parents. Let's encourage our students to stay engaged during these cold months!

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Ms. DeMelim:

Mrs. Narock:

*Please note that you can always send in a note for us in your child's homework folder or call the main office and leave a message for either of us.

1B Specials Schedule

All students must wear winter uniform. Please remember this means gym sweatshirts need to be worn on Mondays and Fridays.

*Please note that no spiritwear can be worn during the day at school, unless it is a designated spiritwear day. This includes the spiritwear sweatshirts and t-shirts that are school colors.

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