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About Me:

Hello, I am Ms. Schow and I am a Special Education teacher (long term substitute) at the Stillwater High School. I am very thrilled and excited to teach my students this year. I am Deaf and I am very good at lip reading. I communicate through American Sign Language and have an interpreter, Tammye Rogers, who translates for me. Reading body language and facial expressions are a large part of my culture in understanding people. Since we are able to communicate through sign language the students seem to have a better concept of learning through a visual and oral representation. This seems to be a great benefit for their learning experience. We look forward to working with your children every day.

I was born deaf and I was mainstreamed into a hearing school, all the way through high school. The entire time that I attended school, I communicated through an interpreter. I later went to college at OSU and graduated with a Masters Degree in Special Ed. During my off time, I enjoy Art, making crafts, painting, and spending time with my three dogs. My dogs and I have a special connection of understanding through eye contact, sign language, and intuition. I have two awesome sons, Kyle and JD. They come visit me often and I really enjoy their company.

Hello, I am Tammye Rogers. My husband is a teacher at Stillwater High School. Together we are raising Isaiah, our Grandson. I have two sons and 1 step son. I also have a beautiful grandaughter, who is a Senior this year at Stillwater High School. My other grandson attends Highland Park Elementary. In my free time I love riding horses, photography, art, and spending time with my grandkids.

For parents and guardians, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email:

Thank you.

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart" By Helen Keller.

Classes I teach:

  • 1st Block: Plan
  • 2nd Block: Careers
    • In this class we are learning the skills required for job preparation
  • 3rd Block: US Government
    • We are learning about the different branches of our government, and the duties of each.
  • 4th Block: American History
    • American History we are learning about the evolution of America and how it became one Nation