Stillwater Public Schools

Performing Arts Center

Community Event Calendar

Welcome to the Stillwater Public Schools' Performing Arts Center Community Event Calendar page. Below you will find the event calendar for all of our performances and events throughout the year. Due to COVID-19 all concerts and performances for the Fall semester have been suspended (not cancelled) until further notice. Stillwater Public Schools is also currently looking at options for streaming all of our concerts and performances so that all may enjoy the performing arts from the comfort and safety of their own home during this season.

Safety Protocols

As we work towards finding a solution for this year's performances, SPS will decide on the mandatory safety protocols that each patron and performer must follow to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone. Once the district has verified the safety measures to put into place, those will be listed here.
SPS does reserve the right to have any visitor removed from the facility for willful non-compliance and violation of these safety protocols or district policies.