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The Stillwater Board of Education recognizes the importance of protecting its trademarks, logos and trade names from unauthorized use. Therefore, the board actively defends their trademark status in order to achieve the following objectives:
  • Protect the school district’s trademarks and logos through licensing and enforcement; and
  • Protect and promote the school district’s positive image.

All of the names, trademarks, logos, and/or symbols of Stillwater Public Schools, including but not limited to the names “Stillwater Public Schools” and “Stillwater Pioneers” are trademarks registered with the Oklahoma Secretary of State or are otherwise entitled to protection under the common law. Any use of a Stillwater Public Schools trademark must have prior written approval from Stillwater Public Schools and must be produced, manufactured or sold under license from Stillwater Public Schools. The board delegates to the superintendent authority to enter into contracts for licensing of trademarks and logos.
This resource is intended to assist Stillwater Public Schools staff, affiliated organizations, and vendors in creating quality materials that maintain and enhance the SPS brand.

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Barry FuxaPR & Communications Coordinatorbfuxa@stillwaterschools.com405-707-5025