Vrededorp & Pageview Revitalisation Project


2021-05 Public Meeting Presentation.pdf

Projects shortlisted:

We analysed all the feedback you provided and have identified projects that we feel are practical, feasible, and, most importantly, responsive to your needs and also possible within the limitations of the JDA.In defining and shortlisting possible projects, we needed to understand where land claims might hinder processes, where feasibility studies could be undertaken, where we could garner support and collaboration from other City departments, what other projects might influence our programmes, and where we could address the diverse needs of multiple sectors of the community at the same time.


@ 23rd St Pageview

10:00 - 11:00 formal public meeting11:00 - 12:00 the professional team will be available at the same location to talk to people who can only come later.


@ Rus Road, Vrede Park

16:30 - 17:30 formal public meeting16:00 - 16:30 and17:30 - 18:00 the professional team will be at the same location to talk to people who can only come earlier or later.

Thank you for your input at the Public Meeting series held in April 2021

At this link you will find a copy of the printed presentation distributed at the public meetings:


Public meeting announcement shared by Councilor Christians:


We need your input 02 - 08.NOV.2020

We have listened to all stakeholders input into what this City of Johannesburg project in Vrededorp and Pageview might be able to target in terms of developing public facilities.
Based on what you have said to us, now it’s time for us to present proposed interventions for your further input and prioritisation.

Webinar Link

FB: https://fb.me/e/g1cLCVFS6

ZM: https://zoom.us/j/93700272801 Meeting ID: 9370027 2801


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Exhibition Animation

Physical Exhibition

New Braamfontein Lofts ‘Town Hall’ 15 Smit Street Braamfontein

Monday 02.NOV 16.00–18.30

Thursday 05.NOV 16.00–18.30

Saturday 07.NOV 10.00–14.00

WhatsApp Video Calls available for virtual walks through the Physical Exhibition.
Video walk through the physical exhibition will be circulated.

Interactive Webinar

Wednesday 04.NOV 15:00 - 16:30

Link will be posted on this platform, or SMS/WhatsApp/Email for details.

Virtual Exhibition

Monday 02.NOV - Sunday 08.NOV

Interactive web based engagement, showcasing proposed projects and built in feedback platforms.

Link will be posted on this platform, or SMS/WhatsApp/Email for details.

The Johannesburg Development Agency’s (JDA) Vrededorp /Pageview Revitalisation Programme and Projects aims to rejuvenate and upgrade public environments in these neighbourhoods.

The project is part of both the Inner City rejuvenation and upgrade initiative and the Empire Perth Corridor Node development that the City has made commitments on over the past fifteen years.

The principles of the project are based around the concept of liveability: how well-functioning urban systems can contribute to the physical, social and mental well-being and personal development of its inhabitants.

The strong cultural and historical significance of the site makes it an important focus area with a number of social, cultural and religious institutions still concentrated and operational in the area.

Click HERE to see the formal press release from the Johannesburg Development Agency.

Below are some of the City of Johannesburg documents related to this project:

Let us know if there is something else that you would like us to try and locate, or you have something useful for other stakeholders:


2007 Urban Development Framework

14_11_2016_Empire_Perth Corridor_Southern Industrial Section_Non Priority area_final.pdf

2016 Empire-Perth Corridor Heritage Study


2018 Inner City Investor Prospectus

Empire Perth Corridor Strategic Area Framework.pdf

2008 Empire-Perth Corridor Strategic Area Framework


2019 Professional Team Request For Proposals (RFP)

City of Joburg GIS link

Here is a super useful link to the City of Johannsburg's GIS (Global Information System) public website, which allows anyone to see who owns properties anywhere in Johannesburg: https://ags.joburg.org.za/cgismobi/

NOTE: We have heard that sometimes there are delays from title deed transfer to loading on the GIS system, so perhaps bear this in mind when using the website.

VP ownership_A1.pdf

Map of government and private land ownership in study area

VP zoning_A1.pdf

Map of property zoning in study area

Google Map

A live google map to show the project boundary, layers of neighbourhood features, etc, that will be built upon as this 3 year project progresses.

Suggestions welcome!