A guidance counsellor is a trained professional who offers both career and short-term personal counselling to students on a voluntary basis. If a student requires long-term counselling or another type of counselling setting, a referral for outside professional assistance can be provided.

Some issues/topics students may want to discuss with a guidance counsellor include:

  • Family difficulties.
  • Feelings of stress, anxiety, and/or depression.
  • Bullying (Physical, Verbal, Social, and Cyber).
  • Post-secondary pathway (CEGEP, grade 12, university, indecision about career path, etc.).

All communication with a guidance counsellor is strictly confidential. For ongoing counselling with students under 14 years of age, parental consent will be required.

High School Guidance Counsellor- Jacqueline Lemieux, M.A., c.o.

Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 0800-1600.

To request an appointment: