Our Mission

In August, 2015, a group of parishioners incorporated the St. George Church Preservation Society (SGCPS), a PA nonprofit, IRS 501(c)(3), to protect and maintain the former St. George Church (St. John Vianney) in Pittsburgh's Allentown neighborhood as a Catholic sacred space.

SGCPS is now constituted as an association of the Christian faithful. We are not affiliated with the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Through fund-raising and pledges, the SGCPS is prepared to join in a co-operative effort to reopen and restore the church.

There are numerous Catholic churches around the Country that are successfully supported by similar organizations.

The SGCPS is reaching out for support from parishioners, former parishioners, alumni, the Allentown community, those of German heritage, the historic preservation community, and all of their family and friends. These are the people who make up the very large extended legacy of St. George Church throughout the Country and beyond.

The church is an irreplaceable structure. It is a beloved landmark that defines the skyline of the Allentown neighborhood and memorializes the generations of devoted parishioners who served, donated and volunteered their talent, time and resources to establish St. George Church.

To support, volunteer, or for additional information and details, please contact us.

Thank you,

President- Bob Kress
Secretary- Andrea Evans
Treasurer- Shelly Mehrenberg
Janet Weiland
Chris Schiarelli
Sally Tupi
Barb Kress