PreK4 News

Welcome to SFCCS PreK4!

Lead Teachers:

Mrs. Caitlin Meadows:

Ms. MaeBeth Fisher:

Important Info/Reminders:

>Book Fair: The Book Fair begins next week. Children will be able to purchase items from the book fair on Monday from 8:00am-8:30am. If you are not able to make it and want your child to participate, please send in a labeled & sealed envelop with the money and instructions. For example: "My children can get one book" or "My child can get books and toys".

If you wish to donate books to the classroom, please ask the Book Fair volunteers to assist you in finding the Pre-K4 Wish List.

>(FIELD TRIP: Wednesday) Those children purchasing lunch from the cafeteria will receive a bag lunch that will be delivered to the classroom upon our return.

>Show and Tell Items: We will have a letter focus each week as we travel from A-Z. Starting next week, Show & Tell items must begin with the letter of that week. Ex: Next week we will focus on the letter "A", so an appropriate Show & Tell item would be an apron.

Our Week At A Glance!

September 25th - September 29th

Math: Children will learn rhymes to remember their numbers 1-10 and practice writing them.


1-Start at the top and down you run, that’s the way you make a one!

2-Make a candy cane and give it a shoe, that’s the way you make a two!

3-Around and around just like a /B/, that’s the way you make a three!

4-Down and across and slice through the door, that’s the way you make a four!

5-Short neck, belly fat, Mr. Five wears a hat!

6-Make a /c/ then in you go, now you’ve made a six you know!

7-Across the sky and down from Heaven, that’s the way you make a seven!

8-Make an /s/ and then don’t wait, go up and make the number eight!

9-Make a circle and then a line, that’s the way you make a nine!

10-A one and zero make ten a hero!

Science/Social Studies: September 22nd was the official first day of Fall. This week we will go on a nature walk and document the signs of Fall.

Language/Literacy: We will now begin to have a focus letter each week as we travel the alphabet from A-Z. It is important to note that we will review the letter's phoneme(s), how to write it properly, discuss whether the letter is a consonant or vowel, and chart words that begin with that letter.

"A" Rhyme: "Down and down and across the middle. Makes an A that's not too little"

We will also begin to introduce and expose the children to the Fundations alphabet cards and writing paper that they use in Kindergarten.

Read Aloud:

"Why Do Leaves Change Color?" by Betsy Maestro

"Fall Mixed Up" by Bob Raczka

Religion: The Story of Moses: The children will learn that God spoke to Moses and provided him with a list of rules that he wanted His people to follow. These rules are called; The 10 Commandments.

Mrs. Serrano read the Spanish Version of "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" AKA "Chicka Chicka Bum Bum"


Go Exploring for the Letter A!

Let's find the letter A in our community. As you ride down the road ask your child to point at signs with the letter A (Applebee's, Arby's, etc). Or take a walk and find items that begin with the letter A (acorn, apple, ant, etc). Discuss this letter with your child and help them link this letter to the environment around them.