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Updates By grade Level:

    • Middle School: Students will be finishing up their March Madness Song Projects in competition this week. The final bracket winners will battle in chance to win music teacher of the day for 2 days.
        • Students will be learning how to play piano as the next unit that will last until the beginning of May.
    • 5th Grade: 5th Graders are learning about song form by singing rounds and canons and learning how to sing harmony while also understanding the structure of songs.
      • Our next few units over the next few weeks will include: A 3 Lesson Unit on Form, "The Cup Game" ( A lesson on the history of the cup game and the song "When I'm Gone."), and A Jazz Lesson
    • 4th Grade: Students will come back from spring break learning the basics of piano. We will split the next two weeks up with learning basic chords and learning basic songs on the piano so that half of the class can accompany the other half of students on recorder by playing the song chords.
    • K-3: As we travel from country to country we will be singing and playing games from Africa for the rest of April. Songs will include body percussion, learning new rhythms and doing some fun circle games and activities that the students will love which include: A Ram Sam Sam, Funga Alafia, Obiwasana, and many more!