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The FED UP! Coalition 2017

Thank you

We cannot thank you enough for your immense dedication to change the course of our nation’s opioid crisis. Families from coast to coast are damaged by substance use disorder. The pervasiveness of drugs as lethal as opioids have ravaged communities and left us devastated from the loss of our sons, daughters, parents and closest friends. No number of deaths, tallied by our coroners, can truly quantify the impact of this public health crisis. We are calling for immediate, coordinated and comprehensive federal action to end the epidemic of addiction and overdose deaths attributed to opioids.

As a partner, you are a paramount member of the FED UP! Coalition. You and your affiliates are sickened by the stigma, shame, and lack of response to providing systems of care and attention for those suffering and the many more who will become part of the club that no one wishes to join.

Your partnership is what allows the voiceless to be heard and the invisible, seen. Now, we ask that you proudly display our partnership and the hard work you do every day to eradicate this plague. Rally your supporters, find courage for those who’re afraid or shamed. Share your story and your strife with opioids, addiction, and recovery.

On August 31, Cities from across the nation are joining together to send a unified message to our government, America is FED UP! Together we will march as emissaries for hope in the first ever Opioid March. This is no longer a rally, it’s a movement.

Get Loud

It’s time to join the discussion. The how-to guide to FED UP! digital grassroots advocacy.

All the tools, content and tips are provided below. If you have questions, please contact our communication team member, Sean O’Donnell at (612)850-3107 or email him at

America is #FEDUP2017

  • Ask your supporters to share why they’re FED UP! on Facebook or Twitter, illustrating why they’re FED UP! with the opioid crisis. Ask that they post a video, tell a story, write a poem, draw a picture. Whatever explains why they’re #FEDUP2017.
  • To unify our message, use the hashtags #FEDUP2017 and #OpioidMarch on social media.
  • Encourage your followers by posting something yourself. Why you and your organization are #FEDUP2017? Why are you joining the #OpioidMarch.

What should you post?

Get creative

Post about what you’re doing in your community. Ask that others join you in Washington D.C. on August 31. We only ask that you use the hashtags #FEDUP2017 and #OpioidMarch in your posts.

Help us get people to register

Write a post and include a link to the event registration page. Below is a special link that you should include in your posts.

Simply copy the link above and paste it into your social media posts, email blasts, text alerts, on your website or any other method you use to communicate to your supporters and promote your organization.

Click here for example

Share the flyer and graphic below

Some people might not be available to attend the luncheon but would gather after work hours for the vigil and #OpioidMarch. Please share the flyer and graphic below. Right-click on either of the images below and save them to your computer. Then create a new Facebook post or Tweet and include the images.

our speakers

We have an excellent lineup of speakers this year at our luncheon. Feel free to include bios of speakers with photos to draw additional attendees to our luncheon. These files are provided below.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Caleb Alexander
  • Gary Mendell
  • Michael Botticelli
  • Dr. Andrew Kolodny

Remember to post the below link to our event page so others can register!

Promote our discounted hotel rates in D.C.

We have limited discounted hotel rooms available at the Marriott Washington Metro Center. Promote our discounted rooms for as a perk for coming to D.C. for the event.

Use photos and Graphics

Click the folder below to access our digital files. You can use any of the photos and graphics in this folder. You'll find photos of past events, our logo, infographics, and other useful files.

Sell T-Shirts

We are selling International Overdose Awareness Day T-Shirts using a website called Booster. Everyone who purchases a shirt will have their shirt mailed to them once the Booster campaign closes. Shirts sell for $15 and proceeds are given directly back to the FED UP! Coalition.

Share the link to our page

Embed our campaign in your website or blog

Copy and pate the below code to your webside or blog.

<iframe class="booster-widget" width="220px" height="458px" data-id="b6a079" data-url-key="fedup2017" data-utm-campaign="campaign-embed-v1"></iframe> <script src=""></script>

Share a map of local events & opioid marches

We have opioid marches happening accross the country in over half the states already. Promote others to start their own #FEDUP2017 event and lead an #OpioidMarch in their city.

You can visit our local event page here.

Below is a link to the interactive map.

You can embed the map in your blog or website by using the code below

<iframe width="560" height="350" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Share fed up! posts & tweets

Be sure to share content that FED UP! is publishing. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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