Who We Are

Following are important PTO governing documents and meeting minutes.

PTO Constitution & Bylaws

One of the most important documents for PTO is the Constitution & Bylaws, which define the broad rules that govern how PTO is organized and run. Every PTO is required to have bylaws, and every PTO board member should read the bylaws and understand the guidelines. Usually, bylaws cover topics such as the organization of the executive board, how officers are elected, and membership requirements, etc.

The bylaws are reviewed by the PTO executive board annually for updates, and may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote at a PTO meeting, provided at least one week’s notice has been given to the membership.

PTO Meetings

There are two required PTO meetings each school year: a fall meeting in September to approve the annual budget, and a spring meeting in May to elect new officers and approve a preliminary budget. Our PTO holds a monthly meeting for the Board members and committees to carry on the activities planned for our school. Parents are welcome to attend any of the PTO meetings to learn more about what we do.

The Stevens Creek Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the education and welfare of students, to enriching classroom learning, to supporting teachers, and to organizing events that cultivate a cooperative community and social climate for students, families, and staff.

PTO Programs

The funds raised by the PTO supports a wide variety of programs, in order to reach our goals of enhancing education quality, enriching learning experiences, supporting teachers and staff, and cultivating a cooperative community.

PTO Events

We organize a number of activities and events to build a healthy partnership with teachers and staff, to socialize parents and staff through school events, to encourage active involvement from our parent community, and to raise funds for the programs.

Get Involved

Parent involvement is one of the key driving forces to create a safe school environment, promote academic performance, develop social skills, and boost interest in learning for a life time, because the Family is critical to Student Achievement.