(Under review)

Parents and guardians of students and faculty/staff members of Stevens Creek Elementary School shall be eligible for membership.

Members shall have voting privileges and a voice at all Parent Teacher Organization meetings. The PTO shall conduct an annual membership drive but may admit persons to membership at any time.

Membership dues ($35) shall be collected. Full payment of dues is mandatory prior to membership and service on the PTO Board of Directors. The Principal and Staff Liaison shall be exempt from payment of dues. Moneys for the requirements of the PTO shall be raised by various fund raising activities.


1. Upon payment of membership dues, two members of the same household are entitled to membership. One additional adult family member of a student at Stevens Creek Elementary School may be admitted to the PTO upon payment of another set of dues, and by approval from the PTO President.

2. Members are entitled to vote at PTO meetings on items specified in these documents as requiring a membership vote.