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Committees are necessary for the operation of the PTO. The President shall establish, with the consent of the Board of Directors, such special committees as deemed necessary. The President shall appoint all committee chairs with the consent of the Board of Directors.


  • There shall be such committees created by the Board of Directors as may be required to carry on the work of the PTO.
  • The term of office for chairs shall be one year.
  • The chairs shall present plans of work to the Board of Directors for approval. No work shall be undertaken without the consent of the executive board.
  • Upon the expiration of the term of office or in case of resignation or termination, each chair shall turn over to the president, without delay, all records, books and other material pertaining to the chairmanship, and shall return to the treasurer, without delay, all funds belonging to the PTO.
  • The PTO shall have the power to create special committees in order to carry out specific programs and projects.

Committee Chair:

    1. Appoint committee members as necessary to perform the functions of the committee.
    2. Oversee and coordinate the activities of the committee.
    3. Report committee activities, income and expenses to the Board of Directors.

Established Committees:

After School Coop: Organize and coordinate the after school parents cooperative,

  • Collect Coop sign up forms from parents.
  • Coordinate the parent supervision rotation.

Auditor: Audit the books and records of the Treasurer.

  • Prepare a final audit report by September 15.
  • Audit the books upon resignation of the treasurer.

Historian: Maintain a record of all PTO publications, minutes, records and other pertinent information.

  • ? sounds like secretary? shall be removed?

Hospitality: Provide refreshments at PTO functions and meetings.

  • Provide refreshments at special events sponsored by the PTO
  • Coordinate and conduct the First Day Coffee
  • Staff Appreciation at the end of the school year.

Publicity: Update weekly the marquee in front of the school office, and assist other chairs with publicity materials as needed for their special events.

Monster Mash: Coordinate the annual school social event be held on the school campus at the end of Octobor.

Restaurant Fundraiser: coordinates evenings each year for the staff, families and student body to socially have dinner together while benefiting the school with their dinner purchase.

  • ?VP for fund-raising should do so?

Student Directory shall conduct and coordinate the activities necessary for producing a PTO Student Directory.

  • Not needed anymore?

Technology Task Force gains understanding of our current technology needs and in conjunction with this committee,

creates a plan for replacing, upgrading and/or maintaining our school’s technology lab and classroom computers.

  • School's IT job? Not needed any more?

Volunteer Coordinator collects and maintains a database of volunteers, and works with the Committee Chairs and

Officers to find volunteers as needed.

  • Not existing anymore? Should we make it "Yard Duty coordinator"?

Walkathon: Coordinate the activities necessary for the Spring Walkathon event to be held on the school campus.

Website: Coordinate and maintain the PTO web site.

Yearbook: Conduct and coordinate the activities necessary for producing a Stevens Creek Student Yearbook.