PTO Board & Committees

Our PTO team is looking for a handful of volunteers to join us for the next school year!

We are a fun and scrappy team with a big heart for making SCE the best place we can for our students and staff. In our monthly meetings we come together to plan our events and talk about what programs we can bring to life. The volunteer roles you play help make a huge impact on our school. We hope you come join us for next year!

Volunteers OPEN - all are welcome!

We welcome any parent/guardians to join us! You don't have to hold a seat on the Board or hold a Committee role, if you want to just be involved in the conversations and decisions we make for Stevens Creek Elementary come join us for meetings or any events.

Volunteers are the lifeline of our efforts and events for our Superstars!! We can never have too many, so join us.


    1. The duties and responsibilities of the officers are described below (prescribed in the Bylaws).

    2. The term of office shall be for one year.

    3. An elected officer may serve more than two consecutive years in the same office if there are no volunteers to fill the position.

    4. If there are other nominees for the position, after an officer has held the position for two consecutive years, the officer is obligated to relinquish the position.

    5. More than one person may share any of the officer's duties.

    6. There shall be no more than two co-presidents.

Duties and Responsibilities

Board of Directors

  • Review the budget, and forward on to the membership for approval.

  • Approve the disbursement of moneys.

  • Approve all committee chairs and special committees.

  • Approve appointments to fill vacancies in the elected offices.

Who's on the Board of Directors:


  • Preside at all PTO meetings.

  • Appoint committee chairs.

  • Appoint members to fill vacancies in the elected offices.

  • Prepare agenda for all PTO meetings.

  • Establish special committees as needed.

  • Co-sign checks as described in Article IV.

  • Coordinate the activities of the PTO.

  • Sign all official correspondence.

  • Represent the PTO at Cupertino Union School District (CUSD) meetings.

*Co-President is also an option

First Vice-President of Donations:

  • Assume the duties and the responsibilities of the President in the absence or resignation of the President.

  • Coordinates fundraising events throughout the year to drive participation by Superstar families and staff.

  • Coordinate the annual school social event be held on the school campus.

  • Report all fund raising activities to the Board.

  • Compile membership roster based on Direct Donation drive.

Second Vice–President of Grants:

  • Assume the duties and the responsibilities of the President in the absence or resignation of the President and First Vice-President.

  • Coordinates teacher and staff program to support grants and allowances to the grades and classroom

  • Coordinate all grants and program disbursements.

  • Report all disbursement activities to the Board.


    • Act as recording secretary for the Board and keep a record of the proceeding of all PTO meetings.

    • Provide a copy of the minutes of each meeting to the officers.

    • Prepare correspondence for the PTO.

    • Have the tie-breaking vote when necessary.

    • Review the Bylaws annually, and present changes to the Board and Membership for approval.


    • Receive all moneys on behalf of the PTO.

    • Deposit moneys in the name of the PTO in a bank approved by the Board of Directors.

    • Disburse moneys as described in Article IV.

    • Keep an accurate record of receipts, disbursements, and keep other financial transactions of the PTO.

    • Prepare a financial report for each Executive Board meeting.

    • The Treasurer shall have an assistant for counting receipts from all fundraising activities.

    • Submit all books and records for auditing by the Auditor and as directed by the Board of Directors.

    • Review the ‘Treasurer’s Policies’ annually, and discuss modifications with the Board.

Check Depositor:

    • Deposit moneys in the name of the PTO in a bank approved by the Board of Directors.

    • Assist the treasurer(s) in counting receipts from all fundraising activities.

Health and Safety Coordinator: OPEN

  • The Health and Safety projects at Stevens Creek are usually related to health and welfare programs sponsored by the Stevens Creek Elementary School PTO.

  • The duties of the Health and Safety Coordinator include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide and maintain Emergency Backpacks for all classrooms

  • Information support at all PTO functions, and

  • School-wide emergency preparedness drills in conjunction with staff.

Room Parent Coordinator:

  • Assist in ensuring that each class has room parent volunteers.

  • Coordinate other activities that require the room parent volunteer efforts.

Committees are necessary for the operation of the PTO, and provide the drive and support needed to make things happen. Our committees are made of gracious volunteers, and are always looking for more helpers!

Committee Chair responsibilities:

    1. Appoint committee members as necessary to perform the functions of the committee.

    2. Oversee and coordinate the activities of the committee.

    3. Report committee activities, income and expenses to the Board of Directors.

SuperStar Committees

Yearbook: OPEN

  • Conduct and coordinate the activities necessary for producing a Stevens Creek Student Yearbook.


  • Audit the books and records of the Treasurer.

  • Prepare a final audit report by September 15.

  • Audit the books upon resignation of the treasurer.


  • Provide refreshments at PTO events for the school.

  • Provide refreshments at special events sponsored by the PTO

  • Coordinate and conduct the First Day Coffee

  • Staff Appreciation at the end of the school year.

PTO Website: OPEN

  • Coordinate and maintain the PTO web site.

Volunteer Coordinator: OPEN

  • Collects and maintains a database of volunteers, and works with the Committee Chairs and Officers to find volunteers as needed.