WALKATHON Activity-a-thon

Sadly, this year our Walkathon was at risk of being cancelled due to the school closure and Shelter-in-Place. We've decided to pivot and turn the Walkathon into Activity-a-thon that the kids can participate in!

From April 27 - May 15, your student(s) can log the number of minutes of physical activities in exchange for laps. 10 minutes = 1 lap!

The following activities can count in this fun contest: Hiking, biking, walking, running, jumping rope, dancing, gymnastics, swimming (as long as it is within shelter-in-place), yoga, stretching, and more!

Teachers will post a link for the Activity Log on Google Classrooms to track minutes - its an honor system! Please check that the logging is correct if your student(s) is updating. We will announce winners soon after May 15!

Please note: The Activityathon is still a fundraising event. With the year being cut short, we are significantly short of our fundraising goals. We would love to be able to raise $200/child through pledges. Funds previously raised so far through walkathon efforts will carry over into the activity-a-thon, and we thank you for these.

This is optional, but to help put into perspective our critical need for fundraising, here are some breakdowns of where these funds will go. The personnel cost is $110,000, annually - this includes funding our teacher aides shared by classrooms, of which today we only have 4 (for a student base of ~515, which would typically see more); tech aide; library; music; Teacher grants allocate $28,000 in funds used directly within each individual classroom for critical items such as books, tablets, etc.; and $35,000 funds our art program, both visual and theatre.

We hopefully all agree that these should not be viewed as optional, but rather as the bare minimum we should be offering as a school community. With a big portion of next year's budget coming from expected walkathon fundraising, and other events previously planned for the rest of the year, we are at risk of insufficient funds and might have to cut some of these programs within our own school.

Another fun way to support this year's Walkathon/Activityathon is by purchasing everyone in the family this year's walkathon T-shirt with the winning design, by Aliza (3rd grade), available for purchase through our SPIRIT WEAR eSTORE. The eStore is open until midnight May 10th!

For any questions, email us at

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!