For Room Parents:

Instructions (2017-2018) for Class Page Submission. (Deadline is usually in March)

Add Photos & Memories to Your 2 Free Custom Pages!

  • Add photos from your computer, Facebook & Flickr.
  • Add memories & photos from throughout the year. Share them with your classmates to include in their personal pages.
  • Send and receive Bling and signatures. A great way to share expressions of friendship!

To Purchase & Customize Your Yearbook*:

*Must be a parent or student 13 years or older.

  • Go to
  • Enter our school’s passcode: 1012912168694513
  • Regular Price: $19.95 (5% discount is usually offered till the end of November.)

The hard deadline for purchasing the yearbook is usually in early May if you would like it's delivered to school. The exact date will be announced by the Yearbook team. Even though you may still be able to order the yearbook online after the deadline, many students would love to receive their yearbook copies before summer break starts, so they could sign each other's copies at school. Please remember to order a copy before the deadline in May.