Project Cornerstone

Do you love to read to children? Can you spare 3 hours per month?

If your answer is yes for both questions, please consider joining the Project Cornerstone ABC (Assets Building Champions) team. We will work together to teach our entire school community a shared vocabulary and collective strategies for dealing with difficult situations both in and out of school. Each month, ABC volunteers read a book and lead a discussion in classrooms, teaching life skills and tools that help build a caring school climate and help youth thrive and grow.

For more information, please contact Co-Lead volunteers Rosanna D’Costa, Arushi Gehani, Michal Caspi Tal, Umme Salma Siddiqui at

Following the guidance given to us by Project Cornerstone staff and with the approval of Principal Melissa Maisen. There is a compulsory monthly 1-hour training for all readers. At least one reader from each room must attend this training. We hope to foster a greater community spirit among our readers, allow collaboration, and also ensure that readers are equipped to deliver a standardized lesson which is tailor-made for our school.


  • When will the monthly 1-hour training be?

The training will be once a month on the last Wednesday of the month. There will be one training 8-9AM and the same training is repeated again 7-8PM. The exact dates are 8/29/2018, 9/26/2018, 10/24/2018, 11/28/2018, 1/30/2019, 2/27/2019, 3/27/2019, and 4/24/2019.

  • Do I have to attend both morning and evening trainings?

No. Please attend just one of the trainings.

  • Where will the training be?

The morning training will be at Stevens Creek Elementary in the GLC, and the evening training may be held in a reader's home.

  • Can I bring my children to the training?

Yes, as long as they are not too disruptive.

  • Can I bring food to the training?


  • Do I have to attend the training if I have read the book before?

Yes. This is because the lesson plan and the materials will be different.

  • I cannot attend the training. Can I still read?

Yes. You can read if you partner with another volunteer in your Room who can attend the monthly training.

  • If I partner with another volunteer in my Room, can we take turns delivering the lesson?

No. The children need to see you regularly to recognize you as a caring adult. So all readers must be present when the lesson is delivered.

  • What happens if no reader from my Room attends the training?

Your teacher will be informed right away that the readers were not trained, and you will have to be trained privately before delivering the lesson. Please try your best not to do this, as it makes things harder for the trainer!

  • Other than reading, can I help Project Cornerstone in another way?

Yes. We need a lot of help! Please contact us and we can discuss a role for you.