Garden Club

The Stevens Creek garden is a wonderful opportunity for students to get hands on science education. The garden is like a lab in nature, where students observe how plants grow and what plants need. Students will also learn about the rewards and challenges of organic growing.

Contact Co-Lead volunteers Ralitsa McQuirk, Noemi Gaal, and Masha Yershov at <> for any questions or suggestions.

Volunteer Needed

The garden committee would like to invite you to get involved.

  • Each grade level is assigned one or two garden beds.
  • With permission of teachers, parent volunteers can take students out to the garden at least once a month for 30 minutes.
  • PTO allocated funds to purchase garden posters for teachers and volunteers to associate the garden project to grade level science concepts.
  • PTO allocated funds to purchase garden supplies.
  • Parents may start seedlings at home, and teachers may grow seeds in their classrooms, before planting in their designated areas in the garden.
  • We appreciate greatly if parents donate plants, seeds, soil and other supplies as needed, in lieu of volunteering

Summer Time

Our garden club is in an urgent need of volunteers to help water and maintain the school garden during the summer months. We need someone to help us fix the irrigation system or to visit the garden twice a week to “deep" water the garden.

Garden Club is the activity to maintain the school garden behind Room 1 and 2 by:

  • Growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers,
  • Coordinating with teachers to bring class groups to the garden to weed, plant and taste ripe crops for educational purpose,
  • Shoveling/raking, planting, watering, and weeding,
  • Having occasional open-garden events. Carrots and broccoli have been harvested by students this spring. Beans, corns, sunflowers, strawberries, and lots more, are growing and should be ready towards summer.

Garden Club welcomes volunteers who love growing plants! Students and novice gardeners are welcomed and training will be provided by the garden club as needed.