After-School Co-Op

Co-Leads Needed: Contact to lead this program.

Need an extra 1/2 hour in your day?

Want your child to have some outdoor play time before heading home?

This program is designed for families that need to bridge the gap between 1st and 2nd release times i.e. 3:05 and 3:35 respectively, AND working parents that need a little flexibility when picking up their 1st, 2nd or 3rd grader.

Examples of eligibility would include

1) a 2+ child family with at least one child in 1st release (K through 3rd grade) AND at least one in 2nd release (4th or 5th grade);

2) a parent with a 1st release child enrolled in an on-site after school program i.e. Chess, Girls on the Run, etc. that does not start until 3:35/40; or

3) working parents with a 1st release child (1st, 2nd, 3rd grade) that needs a little flexibility in their schedule to pick up their child.

This is NOT a baby-sitting service. The younger 1st release children, when released at 3:05pm, go directly to the TK/Kindergarten playground and are supervised by two parents. Parents or the older sibling can then pick them up at 3:35pm.

Each parent is expected to supervise the play area once or twice a month depending on the number of families that are signed up. A monthly calendar is distributed advising parents of their work days.