PTO Funded and COORDINATED Programs

The funds raised by the PTO supports a wide variety of programs, in order to reach our goals of enhancing education quality, enriching learning experiences, supporting teachers and staff, and cultivating a cooperative community. For each school year, the survey results from parents, staff and students are discussed in the PTO meetings to determine the program selection.

Parent-Driven Programs

The following programs are coordinated by parent volunteers using small amount of PTO funds, yet making a big difference in our school and community. Please click to enter each program page.

  • Project Cornerstone: Parent volunteers participated in the asset building programs organized by YMCA to help youth thrive and grow. Co-Lead volunteers: Rosanna D’Costa, Arushi Gehani, Michal Tal, and Salma Siddiqui. Email:
  • Garden Club: Teachers and parents coordinate activities to maintain the garden behind Room 1 and 2 and teach children about gardening. Co-Lead volunteers: Ralitsa McQuirk, Masha Yershov, and Noemi Gaal. Email:
  • Yearbook: Working with room parents and photographers to create a school yearbook with class pages and event photos. Students also participate in a Cover Design Contest. Co-Lead volunteers: Noura Tawfik, Shiva Hitlamani, and Sepia Krishnamurthy (Photographer). Email:
  • English Learner Support: Help English Learner (EL) families interpret important messages from PTO, school, and the District, and find answers to any school-related questions. Co-Lead volunteers: Shinobu Christian and Boyoung Lee. Email:
  • Technology Clubs: Parent volunteers invited outside coaches to organize clubs to teach kids hands-on technology skills such as Lego, Robotics, and programming. Co-Lead volunteers: Rupal Haribhakti, (OPEN). Email:
  • After-School Co-Op: Parent volunteers take turns to supervise children in lower grades until their older siblings are dismissed later, so that parents can conveniently pick up all their children at the same time. Co-Lead volunteers: (OPEN)
  • Safe Route 2 School: The City of Cupertino is teaming with schools to improve the health and well-being of children by encouraging more students to walk or bike to school. Co-Lead volunteer(s): Heidi Johnson and Amanda Sookram Chater. Email:
  • Box Tops: Box Tops for Education™ is a school earnings program participated by students and families. Box Tops are each worth 10¢ and are found on hundreds of products. Students submit their box top collections to the parent volunteer lead for the final submission and counting for winner classes that are honored at the last school assembly before year ends. Co-Lead volunteer(s): Leena Menon, (Co-Lead: OPEN)
  • Junior Great Books: Guided by parent volunteers, students read age appropriate literature and discuss the material in small groups using a shared inquiry approach. Co-Lead volunteers: Aparna Lanka, (Co-Lead: OPEN)

Program Enrichment and Support

The following programs are typically funded by the PTO every year. They have been proved to benefit a large percentage of students.

  • Technology Support: A Technology Specialist supports teachers and students for technology benchmarks, troubleshooting and computer lab maintenance. Funding is also allocated for lab equipment and supplies.
  • Instructional Support: Instructional aides supports the primary classes by organizing curriculum and working with individual students or small groups.
  • Mini-Grants & Allowance: Teachers apply for specific grade-level grants (e.g. science programs etc) or individual classroom allowance for classroom supplies etc.
  • Music Program: A music instructor presents hands-on music lessons to classes. Grade-level assemblies are held on a regular basis. Funding is allocated for music program instructions and supplies. Before or after school music enrichment may be coordinated. Co-Lead volunteers: Boyoung Lee and Nicole Naert.
  • Art Program: An art instructor presents art lessons to classes regularly. An annual art show is presented before the end of school year.
  • Library Program: A Librarian maintains the book collection, meets with classes to read new books, and manages the lunchtime library program.