Executive Board

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The duties and responsibilities of the Executive Board are defined in Bylaws Article II Section 1:

A. Review the budget, and forward on to the membership for approval.

B. Approve the disbursement of moneys as described in Article IV.

C. Approve all committee chairs and special committees.

D. Approve appointments to fill vacancies in the elected offices.

We are consistently looking for parent volunteers who would like to develop leadership skills to fill the open positions and prepare for the next year’s Board positions. For more information, please contact the PTO.

The following PTO Board positions have been filled with elected officers or to-be-elected members. Note, each of the Board position would be preferably shared by two persons to co-lead the team effort.

All the duties and responsibilities below are defined in Bylaws Article II.


Volunteer(s): Arthi Makhija, Kavita Jiandani

Email: co-presidents@stevenscreekpto.org

Duties and Responsibilities:

A. Preside at all PTO meetings.

B. Appoint committee chairs.

C. Appoint members to fill vacancies in the elected offices.

D. Prepare agenda for all PTO meetings.

E. Establish special committees as needed.

F. Co-sign checks as described in Article IV.

G. Coordinate the activities of the PTO.

H. Sign all official correspondence.

I. Represent the PTO at Cupertino Union School District (CUSD) meetings.

First VP of Donations

Volunteer(s): Ralitsa McQuirk, (Co-Lead: OPEN)

Email: donations@stevenscreekpto.org

Duties and Responsibilities:

A. Assume the duties and the responsibilities of the President in the absence or resignation of the President.

B. Coordinate all fund raising activities.

C. Report all fund raising activities to the Executive Board.

D. Compile donor roster based on Direct Donation drive.

Second VP of Grants

Volunteer(s): Amritha Seshaadri, Stephanie Miller

Email: grants@stevenscreekpto.org

Duties and Responsibilities:

A. Assume the duties and the responsibilities of the President in the absence or resignation of the President and First Vice-President.

B. Coordinate all grants and program disbursements.

C. Report all disbursement activities to the Executive Board.


Volunteer(s): Heidi Johnson, (Co-Lead: OPEN)

Email: secretary@stevenscreekpto.org

Duties and Responsibilities:

A. Act as recording secretary for the Board and keep a record of the proceeding of all PTO


B. Provide a copy of the minutes of each meeting to the officers.

C. Have the tie-breaking vote when necessary.

D. Review the Bylaws annually, and present changes to the Board and Membership for



Volunteer(s): Ramya Venkataraman (To be elected in Fall), Smita Uniyal

Email: treasurer@stevenscreekpto.org

Duties and Responsibilities:

A. Disburse moneys as described in Article IV.

B. Keep an accurate record of receipts, disbursements, and keep other financial transactions of the PTO.

C. Prepare a financial report for each Executive Board meeting.

D. Submit all books and records for auditing by the Auditor and as directed by the Board of Directors.

E. Review the “Treasurer’s Policies” annually, and discuss modifications with the Executive Board.

Check Depositor

Volunteer(s): (OPEN)

Email: check-depositor@stevenscreekpto.org

Duties and Responsibilities:

A. Deposit moneys in the name of the PTO in a bank approved by the Executive Board

B. Investigate and approve matching donations from corporations

C. Issue tax receipts to donors

D. Follow up with companies requiring documentation of tax-exempt status and/or policies

E. Maintain donation records of PTO fundraiser events to track matching and/or third-party payments

F. Assist the treasurer(s) in counting receipts from all fundraising activities.

Room Parent Coordinator

Volunteer(s): Shawn Bonsen, Becca Partridge

Email: room-parents@stevenscreekpto.org

Duties and Responsibilities:

A. Assist in ensuring that each class has room parent volunteers.

B. Coordinate other activities that require the room parent volunteer efforts.

Director of Health and Safety

Volunteer(s): Amanda Sookram Chater (To be elected in Fall), (Co-Lead: OPEN)

Email: health_safety@stevenscreekpto.org

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Health and Safety projects at Stevens Creek are usually related to health and welfare programs sponsored by the Stevens Creek Elementary School PTO.

The duties of the Health and Safety Director include, but are not limited to:

A. Provide information support at all PTO functions,

B. Coordinate the First Aid support at all PTO events on campus