PTO Committees

The current PTO committees fall into four categories. Please contact the PTO to learn more about committees.

Permanent Committees:

    • Auditor Committee audits the books and records. (Co-Leads: OPEN)
    • Volunteer Resource Committee collects and maintains a database of volunteers, and works with the other committees and officers to recruit volunteers as needed. (Co-Leads: OPEN)

Operational Committees

    • Publicity Committee updates the marquee in front of the school office, and assists other committees with publicity materials as needed for their special events. (Co-Leads: Emily Earl, OPEN)
    • Website Committee coordinates and maintains the PTO web site. (Co-Leads: Suresh Kumar, Debbie Y. Ong)
    • Welcoming Committee pairs up new families with established families. (Co-Leads: Shobha Karthik, OPEN)

Event Committees

Event Committees organize PTO events. Read more details in “Events”.

    • Direct Donation Drive (Co-Leads: OPEN)
    • Walkathon (Co-Leads: Mahendra Bhagwat, OPEN)
    • Monster Mash (Co-Leads: OPEN)
    • Book Fair (Co-Leads: Julie Feldman, OPEN)
    • Restaurants Fundraisers (Co-Leads: Rufen Chang, OPEN)
    • First Day Packet (Co-Leads: Elizabeth Brandt, Mai Chang)
    • First Day Coffee (Co-Leads: Anand Rajasekar, Priya Rajasekar)
    • Potluck Picnic Social (Co-Leads: OPEN)
    • Staff Appreciation Week (Co-Leads: OPEN)
    • Science Fair (Co-Leads: Ramya Venkataraman, Sara Moied, Yan Qi)

Program Committees

Program Committees coordinate PTO programs. Read more details in “Programs”.

    • Project Cornerstone (Co-Leads: Rosanna D’Costa, Arushi Gehani, Michal Caspi Tal, Umme Salma Siddiqui)
    • Garden Club (Co-Leads: Ralitsa McQuirk, Noemi Gaal, Masha Yershov)
    • Safe Route 2 School (Co-Leads: Heidi Johnson, Amanda Sookram Chater)
    • After-School Co-op (Co-Leads: OPEN)
    • Box Tops(Co-Leads: Leena Menon, OPEN)
    • Yearbook (Co-Leads: Noura Tawfik, Shiva Hitlamani, Sepia Krishnamurthy)
    • English Learning Support (Co-Leads: Shinobu Christian, Boyoung Lee)
    • Technology Clubs (Co-Leads: Rupal Haribhakti, OPEN)