Donation FAQs

As part of striving for our goals to support education, each year our PTO supports Stevens Creek Elementary School by raising funds that supplements what is provided to the school from public funds received from the state.

Please Help Our School Sustain a Well-Rounded Education for Your Child!

The Stevens Creek PTO is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization classified by IRS. All donations are 100% tax deductible (Tax ID #77-0288041). 100% of your donation goes to your child’s education.

1. What is the recommended donation amount?

For 2017-2018 school year, the projected spending is $197K, and the fundraising target is $200K in order to sustain the same level of funding for next school year. With about 580 students attending our school, PTO suggests school families consider $500 per family donation, or $345 per student donation based on the calculation 200K/580=$345.

2. Why does PTO need to raise funds?

The Cupertino Union School District (CUSD) is one of the lowest funded school districts in California, as well as in the nation. The funding formula has been determined by a set of complicated spending factors for K-8 schools since 1973, when our district had a low spending status, and our local community did not have the business/corporate tax base that contributes to the funding formula today. This historical formula has locked CUSD into a low base funding limit even today. Additionally, CUSD does not qualify for special funding targeted for low achieving schools because our students have high performance assessment results.

3. What does PTO fund?

The programs and events funded directly by PTO are listed below for 2017-2018 school year ($197K, about $339 per student).

  • 58% for Program Staff ($197 per student): music (Mr. John Hess), technology (Mr. Dean McManis), library (Ms. Kavitha Lakshamanan), art (staff from Community School of Music and Arts), Fun Math (Mr. Yul Inn), instructional aides (Ms. Gloria Lambert) etc. The program staff must be certified by CUSD to ensure a high quality.
  • 30% for Programs ($101 per student): classroom supplies, field trips, chromebooks, garden, Project Cornerstone, technology clubs, etc. These programs are organized by teachers or parent volunteers for learning enrichment.
  • 8% for Events ($27 per student): Monster Mash, Walkathon, Science Fair, Book Fair, Staff Appreciation Week, etc. These events are important for learning enrichment, community building and fundraising effort.
  • 4% for Operation ($14 per student): Photocopies, insurance, accountant, bank fees, etc. These expenses are essential for PTO to maintain a good standing in record-keeping and operational health.

4. How does PTO raise the funds?

PTO’s major fundraisers include:

  • Direct Donation Drive (DDD): This fundraiser kicks off on the first day of school and runs to the end of school year. Parents donate directly to the PTO and seek matching funds if available from their employers. FAQ 5 provides more information about company matching.
  • Walkathon: An annual student challenge in the spring to raise donation by walking laps and collecting pledged donations from families and friends. Local business sponsors and family sponsors are honored on hundreds of student designed T-shirts.
  • Monster Mash (MM): Since 1977, this Halloween Carnival (used to be “Pumpkin Panic”) has been hosted by the PTO in the fall for the entire school with games and food. While designed to be a social event, it is also a fundraiser with ticket sales and basket auctions.
  • Other fundraisers: Other fundraisers are organized throughout the year including spirit wear, book fairs, restaurant nights, and box-tops, etc.

5. How should I apply for company matching?

The impact of your donation will be maximized through your company’s matching program. Each company has a different process for matching program. After you made your donation to Stevens Creek PTO, please find out if your company offers matching donations. If you can not find Stevens Creek Elementary Parent Teacher Organization or Stevens Creek PTO (TAX ID#: #77-0288041) in the organization list eligible for donation matching, please ask your HR/Benefits department to add our PTO to the list. This is usually a quick and easy process. You will need the following information:

Stevens Creek Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (Stevens Creek PTO)

10300 Ainsworth Dr.

Cupertino, CA 95014

EIN #77-0288041

Please contact the PTO ( if you need any assistance.