PTO Organized Events

The PTO organizes a number of activities and events to build a healthy partnership with teachers and staff, to socialize parents and staff through school events, to encourage active involvement from our parent community, and to raise funds for the programs.

Event Calendar:

Please email to join the event committees and create moments for your child and for our school. Thank you!

Fundraising Events

As part of our mission to support education in our school, each year we organize fund-raising events to raise donation from parents and business sponsors. At the same time, many of these events are great opportunities for families to get together and have fun.

  • Direct Donation Drive: Direct Donation Drive kicks off on the first day of school and runs to the end of school year. Parents donate directly to the PTO and seek matching funds if available from their employers. Co-Lead Volunteer(s): (OPEN)
  • Walkathon: An annual student challenge in the spring to raise donation by walking laps and collecting pledged donations from families and friends. Local business sponsors and family sponsors are honored on hundreds of student designed T-shirts. Co-Lead volunteer(s): Mahendra Bhagwat, (Co-Lead: OPEN)
  • Monster Mash: Since 1977, this Halloween Carnival (used to be “Pumpkin Panic”) has been hosted by the PTO in the fall for the entire school with games and food. While designed to be a social event, it is also a fundraiser with ticket sales and basket auctions. Co-Lead volunteer(s): (OPEN)
  • Book Fair: Parent volunteers invite the Scholastic Book Fair to host a multi-day event at our school. Classes take turns to visit the book fair and students can purchase the books by themselves. Families can participate in the event before or after school. It is also a great family social event. Co-Lead volunteer(s): Julie Feldman, (Co-Lead: OPEN)
  • Restaurants Fundraisers: Parent volunteers contact a local restaurant to arrange a family night for the whole school, and the restaurant gives back some percentage of the earnings to the PTO. It’s both a fundraiser and a social event. Co-Lead volunteer(s): Rufen Chang, (Co-Lead: OPEN)

Social Events

Welcome you to join the entire school in the following events. Families will get to know each other, hear about the news and plans, and have fun together.

  • First Day Packet: The school administration requests that the PTO coordinate and stuff packets of forms and information sent to parents on the first day of school. The PTO includes many of its own items. Parent volunteers usually come together to help a week before school starts. Co-Lead volunteers: Elizabeth Brandt and Mai Chang
  • First Day Coffee: After students go to class on the first day, parents are invited for refreshments, visiting, and a chance to meet the Principal and PTO officers and hear news and activities for the coming year. Co-Lead volunteers: Anand Rajasekar and Priya Rajasekar
  • Potluck Picnic Social: Shortly after the start of school, the entire school community is invited to a potluck picnic in the Varian Park, next to school. Families are encouraged to bring food items to share with everyone. Co-Lead volunteer(s): (OPEN)
  • Science Fair: The Science Fair is voluntary for all 1st-4th grade students and is mandatory for all 5th grade students. The objective of the Science Fair is to motivate the students to display their own creativity, scientific ability and discover how science relates to every part of their lives. Co-Lead volunteers: Ramya Venkataraman, Sara Moied and Yan Qi
  • Staff Appreciation Week: The PTO helps coordinate various expressions of appreciation to our teachers and staff, including a week of brunch or lunch provided by parent volunteers. Co-Lead volunteer(s): (Co-Leads: OPEN)