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Get-Set-Tech Projects

Phone System

Does your business need a new phone system? Something modern, up to date, and easy to manage? As a certified Google Voice reseller, we can help!

Google Enterprise

Are you looking to migrate your company onto Google Workspace? We have led several transitions and would love to chat with you!

Enterprise Network

Is your WiFi dropping regularly? Are users having trouble with slow internet speed? Let us look under the hood and see what we can improve.

Assyrian Podcast

The Assyrian Podcast is a place for Assyrians to go deeper into their own ethnicity.

Podcast Creation

Does your business want to leverage the power of podcasting? I can help. Fill out the form above.

Tech for NonProfits

Are you a non-profit looking to upgrade its tech but nervous about the cost? Let us listen to your needs and set you up for success.