One of the greatest gifts we can give someone is simply this. To Listen. Not only with our ears. But with our hearts. People have a deep need to be seen, heard, understood, and valued. To feel connected. We can survive even the most unthinkable circumstances when these needs are met. This is wonderful. Because life is full of situations, conditions, decisions, and transitions that we rarely have much control over. What brings us through to the other side is often a mix of faith, determination, tenacity, and...connection. It's a need that trancends generations.

I chose the word generations to represent my counseling practice for a few specific reasons. It is a word often used to reference a period of time. Yet it is important to understand that in Biblical times, a generation was not understood as linear. It was more of a circular concept. A ring that opens, closes, and then moves onto the next.

Throughout our lives we make mistakes and taste victory. We experience joy and heartache. Creation and loss. All of these rounding off into growth and wisdom that we pass on to those around us.

As a counselor, I have the opportunity to work with individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures. My role is to listen with my whole heart and mind, providing a safe and validating enviornment where peace is found and purpose feels possible. It is my hope and prayer that every individual finds their own "promised" land...the place where creation and redemption combine...and we find value not only in our lives...but make a difference for generations to come.

If you are interested in counseling for yourself and/or your child please submit the new client contact form located on this website or you can call/text 806-231-4036. I return new client phone calls and contact forms weekly on Thursday mornings. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. Blessings to you and yours.

Stephanie Clayton, LPC