Prusik Peak

Other routes I've climbed on Prusik Peak:
Beckey-Davis (5.9, 6p)        Boving-Christensen (5.10, 4p)        Burgner-Stanley 2006 (5.9+, 6p)         Burgner-Stanley 2015 (5.9+, 6p)        Solid Gold (5.11a, 4-5p)        West Ridge 2005 (5.7, 6-7p)          West Ridge 2008 (5.7, 6-7p)         "Energizer Bunny" FA (?) (5.10+ C1, 5p)
Category: Washington (HWY 2) Summit Elev: 8,000 ftRock Type: Granodiorite
Date: June 13-15, 2015 (Sat-Mon)Trip Report #: 189Partners: Brandon Kotulka (Climbs 1 & 2) / Jon Pobst (Climbs 3 & 4)

4 routes on PRUSIK PEAK in 2.5 days:

Prusik Peak is one of my favorite rocks to climb in the whole North Cascades.

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