SHS Yearbook

Our Mission Statement

Steelville Yearbook Staff’s mission is to create a fun, unified, and colorful yearbook that captures the individuality of every student, the problems and creative solutions to working around the COVID-19 pandemic, and represent every club in the school year in a detailed, integral, and hopeful way.

We are the storytellers of this generation.

We capture your stories and record them for you to be able to relive and share your memories with your grandchild in 50 years.

We capture your children's stories so that even once they leave the nest, you have their high school year in your hands... with pictures and stories that recount those moments.

Our memories may not last a lifetime, but books do.

Would you like to see a picture with you and your best friend?

Purchase a $10 Best Friend Picture... submit your picture and up to 100 words for a guaranteed place in the yearbook!!!

Either click the link (Best Friends Picture) or find it under the Purchase tab.

More than Pictures

Steelville High School does not only take pictures... we get behind the scenes and interview. We find audience members, we find the kid standing off to the side, we find the band member or cheerleader, or the mvp for the game... we interview them. We get their story.


Our interviews are also not as simple as... "Give me a quote for the yearbook." No... we have a conversation... we get a feeling for the person and we listen to find "their story." Once we find it... we start asking more questions and then allow them to tell us a story about them. The story isn't just about how amazing the team played this year... the story is about that player, or cheerleader, or audience member and how it affected them.


We get to see things that most people do not... and we are there to get that story for you!!!