G Suite Health Check

Ensure your G Suite Reliability, Auditability, Scalability, Extensibility and Robustness

Ensure you get the full security, integrity, confidence, and all the added benefits that G Suite offers

Get the best from G Suite

Ensure that you G Suite is as secure as you need

If your organisation uses G Suite then do you know if you benefit from the right level of security and can ensure your data remains safe? With the G Suite Health Check you will make use of our G Suite Certified Specialists expertise and experience to check your G Suite domain for adequate reliability, auditability, scalability, extensibility and robustness. What do you do if a member of your team maliciously, or accidentally, deletes vital data? Do you know the benefits of 2-step verification and how to use it? Can you demonstrate corporate ownership of your files and folders? Does G Suite, or integrated third-party tools, offer features that can improve your organisation?

We provide a health check of G Suite to ensure your use of G Suite meets your security requirements and the right tools to recover when disaster happens. Get in touch with us to let us know about your G Suite usage and we will provide an audit to make sure G Suite meets your needs and that you fully benefit from your investment in your move to the cloud.

G Suite Security Audit

In a world of easy collaboration and sharing does your cloud leak data?

Ensure Data Security

Find out who shares what and take action to stop too open sharing and accidental public visibility

Implement 2-step Verification

Prevent remote hacking into your accounts and ensure only your team gains access to your data

Mobile Device Management

Reduce the risk of lost mobile phones and tablets allowing unauthorised data access

Adequate Backup

Ensure you can restore data when you need to recover from malicious or accidental deletions

Extend and Improve G Suite

Benefit from add-ons to fill the gaps G Suite doesn't

Searchable Staff Directory

Find your coworkers and colleagues quickly through GAITORâ„¢

Project and Task Management

Keep track of your business-critical projects and tasks

Data Governance

Ensure you manage and own important data assets

Specify your own needs

We listen to your concerns: let us know what you need

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