G Suite Team Sites

Team, Event and Project Sites built on Google Sites with Google Drive embeddings

Create responsive websites quickly and easily with Google Sites and Google Drive integration

Built on G Suite

Team Sites integrated with G Suite

Benefit from Google Sites' compatibility with Google Drive and Docs

If your organisation uses G Suite then you can take advantage of the availability of Google Sites as part of your G Suite domain. With Google Sites you can make use of your G Suite sign in so you do not need to worry about extra passwords or user accounts. Google Sites provides the same sharing and permissions model used by Google Drive, so if you already share from Drive then the Google Sites intranet will respect these permissions to keep your mission-critical information secure. Intranets developed in Google Sites give you and your organisation the ease and speed of regular updates and the peace of mind from G Suite's SLA-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee.

We provide consultancy, development and design of Google Sites to use as intranets and Google Apps Scripts to provide interactive and custom workflows, automation and enhancements. Let us know your specific requirements and we can provide an easy-to-update, responsive and modern intranet that your whole organisation can easily access and rely on.

Effective Organisational Communication

Features offered by Google Sites to help organisation collaborate

Share Securely

Use Google Apps' secure sharing to ensure your organisational information is secure

Find vital Information

Rely on Google's search technology to find pages and files stored on your Google Sites intranet

Quick and Easy to Update

Reduce the workload on updates to your intranet via Google Sites' easy-to-use interface

Accessible and Timely

Access your intranet easily and quickly through Google Sites' integration with G Suite

Scalable and Adaptable to your needs

Customisations we can make to your Google Sites Intranet

Integrated Employee Directory

Find your coworkers and colleagues quickly through GAITORâ„¢

Responsive Design

Access the intranet seamlessly on mobile, tablet or desktop

Workflow and Automation

Specify custom workflows and automation through scripts

Specify your own needs

We can accommodate other features: let us know what you need

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