St. Edward's University 

Staff Council

Staff Council connects employees to their university and its mission by acting as a voice for staff interests — and concerns. 

About Staff Council

At St. Edward’s University, we want everyone in our community — whether student, faculty or staff — to learn, teach, work and grow. Guided by our Holy Cross tradition, we endeavor to create an environment where all members of our university community can contribute their best efforts in pursuit of the university’s important mission and strategic goals. 

Toward this end, Staff Council — with membership from all staff divisions — engages the broader community to review, develop and refine processes, programs and policies that will allow all employees to contribute to the university's mission and advance the university's efforts to become an employer of choice. 

Staff Council works from these standing committees, with ad-hoc committees created as necessary: 

How We Work

Staff Council's responsibilities and processes are spelled out in two documents: 

Staff Council Communication Request Form

Staff Council is always here to help you communicate with the SEU Community regarding events, opportunities, announcements, etc.  Just fill out the Communication Request Form below and let us know how we can help spread the word! 

Let Us Know What You Think

The success of Staff Council relies on engagement with the staff it represents. The primary way to engage with the council is to talk to the members representing your division. 

We also understand, however, the importance of multiple lines of communication. If you have an idea or a concern you'd like to raise with Staff Council, you can submit it using the online input box. Staff Council will review every submission and post any actions taken or recommendations provided on our public suggestion log