I'm new to the marketplace. Can I get an overview?

Welcome to the Steals.com Marketplace! First, download the Seller's Guide. This PDF goes over everything in the marketplace. If you would prefer to see how everything works, check out our intro videos here!

Shipping: How do I set my shipping settings?

Go to "My Account > Settings," then click on "Shipping & Delivery." Enable shipping by selecting either "Default" or "Overriden price" on each weight class. See page 7 in the Seller Guide or this video for more details.

Shipping: How do I offer free shipping to just one shipping zone?

Go to My Account > Settings > Free Shipping. Under "Offer Free Shipping Based On Order Minimal Amount," set the threshold for a shipping zone to something small, like $1. Click "Save." Now any order that comes from that shipping zone will have free shipping. Learn more about your shipping settings at here.

Shipping: How do I enable free shipping?

Go to "My Account > Settings," then click on "Free Shipping." You can either enable free shipping for everything or set a threshold for free shipping. See page 8 in the Seller Guide or watch this for more details.

Shipping: Our SKU is not not appearing on orders synced from the Marketplace.

When you initially submit your products to the marketplace, you must specify an Offer SKU. be sure that Offer SKU is the same SKU used in your fulfillment facility. Offer SKUs cannot be updated once created because they act as the offer's unique identifier. To change them, you need to deactivate the offer and submit new offers with the new, correct SKU.

Shipping: Why did the tracking for my order in ShipStation not sync in the marketplace?

In ShipStation, go to the Shipments tab. Orders that did not send the tracking number back to the Marketplace will have a red shopping cart icon instead of a green one. Click on the shopping cart, then click on "Retry Failed Steps" in the "Shipment Task Status" pop-up. That will relaunch the communication and send the tracking back to the Marketplace. If successful, the shopping cart will turn green.

Shipping: How do I link to my ShipStation account?

See this PDF for information on this topic. You can watch a video about this topic here.

Product Creation: What's the difference between a product and a variant?

Organizationally, a variant is a subdivision of a product, i.e., "Pineapple T-Shirt" is a product, with the different sizes (small, medium, large, etc.) as variants. Some products don't have variants, but all variants are associated with a product.

Product Creation: What can I do to speed up the approval process?

We work very hard to approve products in 3-5 business days. Some things, like a large influx of products, can cause some delays. However, there are some things that you can do to streamline the process. 1. When uploading via template, be sure to use non-Dropbox/Box for your image links. It takes out team significantly longer to work with those images. Image links from your own website are best, and there are other services that allow you to get direct links to your images. 2. Do not import product variants as products. It takes our team a very long time to consolidate everything for you. See the "What's the difference between a product and a variant?" FAQ. 3. Set the "Catalog" to either She, Baby, Kid, or Scrapbook. That helps the product get exposure to the right set of customers. See the following video for more information: https://youtu.be/Rliz8xtuse8

Uploads: The template/upload file I downloaded looks weird. How do I get a normal Excel file?

For Product Upload Templates: Go to My Inventory > Import From File. Click on "Download a file template." In the pop-up, click on the "XLSX" button. After that, any file you download will be in Excel format. For Offer Upload Templates: Go to My Inventory > Import From File. Click on "Download an Excel template file for Offers." See pages 14-17 and 22 in the Seller Guide. Watch a video about the upload template, here.

Uploading Products: Dropbox Image URL Error

To fix Dropbox image links, use Find and Replace function in Excel and change the ?dl=0 at the end of the URL to ?dl=1

Example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zwrax3ur3g9cg0l/PB176-BWSTP-11.jpg?dl=0

Fixed: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zwrax3ur3g9cg0l/PB176-BWSTP-11.jpg?dl=1

Payments: When are payments made?

Statements are automatically generated on the 1st and 15th of every month. To download a detailed transaction list for any given statement go to My Account > My Statements and click the shopping cart icon as shown here. Also please note that orders become "Payable" when they get into the "Received" order status, which happens when the customer marks the order as Received or automatically 15 days after the order has been placed (whichever happens first). Go to My Account > Transaction History and note the column "Received On" to view the status of each order.

Settings: How do I add other users to my seller account?

Go to "My Account > User Management." Click on the "+ Add a new user" button. Use an email for their username, set their permissions, then click "√ Save." See page 9 in the Seller Guide.

Fulfillment: IFS360.com Shipping Solution

Here's what sets IFS360.com apart:

  • Simplified pricing. Most of our clients are only paying a price per order/per unit.
  • Discounted Shipping Rates. You will save money on your shipping rates. Firstmile.com (our sister company) is the largest DHL Globalmail shipper in the Western U.S.
  • Technology. Their system ShipEdge integrates with your shopping cart, gives you real time access to your inventory, prevents shipping errors, gives you transparency on all orders and billing, helps you with projections, etc.
  • Multiple locations. UT, NC, CA

Optional services...

  • Distribution. We are a vendor of record with 21 channels (Steals.com, O.co, BedBathandBeyond.com, Wayfair.com, Bluefly.com, TheGrommet.com, etc). There could be some that would make sense to have us manage on your behalf using the inventory you send us.

Information needed to get a quote:

  • Current or average amount of space needed (in terms of pallet locations)?
  • What % of the business is B2B vs B2C?
  • What is the seasonality of the product?
  • What is the current monthly volume?
  • What shopping cart will we integrate with?

Contact: ryan@ifs360.com

Fulfillment: How can I buy cheaper postage to ship my marketplace orders?

If you postage rates are higher than the Marketplace default postage rates for each logistical class, we recommend you get a quote from Firstmile.com. Email Zach Green at zgreen@firstmile.com and tell him Steals.com sent you.

Offers: Reason for deactivation "Shipping incomplete configuration"

On our Marketplace Seller Guide, we show you how to set up your shipping rates on slides 7-8. Simply enter in your shipping rates for each weight (logistical class) in each zone you ship to (we give you 4 options - US lower 48, AK HI PR & Gaum, Canada, & Austrailia). This will determine what the customer is charged at checkout. When you create an offer, you enter in what logistical class that item is in and the customer is charged accordingly. If you offer free shipping you can click the free shipping tab on the Free Shipping tab and hit confirm. This will apply on all your offers and override any rates you have listed. Our customers love free shipping, so if you're able to offer this option we highly encourage it! You'll also be included in our Free Shipping Collection which is highly popular among our customers.

ChannelAdvisor FAQ Collection

Do the product and offer import error messages ChannelAdvisor (CA) sellers see match the error messages in they would see directly in the Marketplace?

Yes, CA displays the same errors.

What determines product and offer update frequency? Is it the same for all sellers or something sellers specify in their CA setup?

The integration runs on a pre-set schedule. CA attempts to send new products and updates to products every 8 hours. CA sends updates for the offers every 30 minutes and CA handles all aspects of orders every 15 minutes. ◦ In addition to that, a member of ChannelAdvisor's staff can trigger one of those feeds early if really needed ◦ Whilst CA shares the frequency of the communication with CA sellers, they do not allow them to trigger feeds by themselves.

How does a seller set steals.com specific prices for a product to support limited time promotions?

On the Steals template, there is a section called "Discount Pricing" - they can map a start date, end date and a price (these are at SKU level, but the seller only needs to map it once): https://www.dropbox.com/s/cur1921cokffqgq/CA%20Template.png?dl=0

Do products with errors get re-submitted until the error is fixed or only once? If the latter, does the seller need to manually resubmit the product after the error has been resolved?

Products will get sent once the error has been fixed. No need for the seller to trigger anything - when CA start their syncs and validate against Steals data requirements, CA determine if the SKU is ready to be sent or not.