5 Mile Race - New Year’s Day, January 1, 2019

Running starts 10:30AM

Meet in St. Clair High School Cafeteria, open at 9:30am (1015 High School Drive, St. Clair, MO)

No early registration, just show up. Run the way running used to be. No aid stations. No t-shirt hand outs. Just you, your friends, and the road. There will be course volunteers at the turns. Entry is 5$ and pays for the post-race cookies, all-you-can-drink Gatorade, unforgettable home drawn awards, and a charity chosen by the St. Clair Cross Country Team.

Award Categories: 1st Male, 1st Female, 1st Mom Having Birthed at Least 2 Children, 1st Oldest Finisher, 1st Male Over 60, 1st Female Over 60, 1st Person Who Drove The Furthest to Get To St. Clair, 1st Guy Named Jeremy Who Is 38 Years Old, 1st John.

Route directions (same as last year): OUT AND BACK COURSE. Start by Bulldog statue next to school cafeteria, out Bulldog Drive and left onto Hwy 30. Go across 30 to make a right onto Bardot towards the Elementary School. Make a right onto East Springfield. Then a left onto Main Street. Make a right onto Park near the Shoe Factory. Park becomes Ann St and then cuts around a left turn to become Columbia. Make a right from Columbia onto Missouri. Make a left onto Pasadena. Make a right onto Iron Hill towards the ball fields. The 2.5 mile mark (turn around point) is between the house with the horses and the daycare and will be clearly marked on race day. Then, turn around and go back the way you came.

Contact Coach Ben Martin with questions:, 314-609-2419

----------------------------RACE WAIVER – TURN IN ON RACE DAY-----------------------------

Runner Name on Race Day___________________________

Email Address_______________________ Phone #_____________________________

Full Address__________________________________________________________

Name and number of person to call if you pass out _________________________________

Age as of 1/1/2019 ______________ Male or Female __________ Birthed 2 or more children? ____

By signing this entry form, I for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages, demands, actions, and causes of action against any sponsors or representatives including Ben Martin, St. Clair Cross Country, St. Clair High School, and the City of St. Clair for any and all injuries suffered by me (or my child) while participating in the race. I understand this is a physical activity and this event involves strenuous physical movement and I acknowledge that I (or my child) am physically fit and sufficiently trained to participate in the 5 mile run. I also give my permission for the use of my name and/or picture in any account of this event.

SIGNATURE (GUARDIAN IF UNDER 18) ________________________ DATE __________