Spelling Words

*Spelling - We will be reviewing previous spelling lists & Word Wall Words this week.

We will be trying to individualize the Spelling list to each child. Therefore, we will incorporate more challenging words into our Spelling lessons. Your child will be responsible for bringing his/her list home on Monday. A Spelling test will be given every Friday unless otherwise notified.

*Spelling Words:* NO TEST THIS WEEK.

Here is an explanation of how our spelling program will work:

Personalized Spelling Lists: Every Monday, all students will take a pretest of 15 words (these will be second grade level words). The first 10 words will follow a common spelling pattern. The last 5 words are words from our Word Wall. Any words that the student misspells on this pretest will be put on his or her personalized spelling list for the week. Each student will be given 5 bonus words to replace any pretest words that they spelled correctly. All students will have the same 5 bonus words. The rest of the words that are spelled correctly will consist of words that interest the students, or important vocabulary we are using in the classroom. Your child’s personal spelling list can be found in his or her student planner.

Spelling Practice: Students are expected to study the words on their personal spelling list each evening. A tic-tac-toe type menu will come home every 1-2 weeks. Your family can choose to use this as you seem fit. If your child needs extra practice please choose from these fun activities and do them at home. Your child is not required to turn in assignments from this menu. This is just a resource to help your child practice their spelling words at home.


Test: Students will be tested on their personal spelling list on Fridays. Any words they misspell on this test will be added to the inside cover of their spelling notebooks and will be attempted again. I will only take a grade on the pretest words and the 5 bonus words. In other words, I will determine how many of the pretest words or bonus words your child spelled correctly and put that grade into Fast Direct.