Education Minnesota

Local #7249

Vision Statement

Empowering ED MN SC members to teach with Dignity, Purpose, and Pride.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a strong, dynamic, professional association that supports its members in leading the pursuit of educational excellence.

Core Values

Accountability, Collaboration, Integrity, Leadership, Openness, Respect for Individuals

2017 - 2018 Officers:

President: Kristi Lawton

Vice President: Mike Pegram

Secretary: Casey Stanek

Treasurer: Sheila Opsal

2017 - 2018 Committees/Members

Continuing Education

  • Sheila Opsal, Chair
  • Suzanne Douma, HS Member
  • Nate Hawker, HS Member
  • Janelle Oberle, Elem Member
  • Bev Sombke, Elem Member
  • Dustin Bosshart, Adm
  • Jim Grabowska, School Board
  • Katie Nicolai, Secretary


  • Mike Pegram - Lead
  • Kristin Jeddeloh
  • Anne Linnell

Other Positions

Membership: Sheila Opsal

Website: Sheila Opsal

Member Rights: HS - Kent Harrison, Elem - Bev Sombke

Credit Approval: John Hengel

Meet and Confer: Kim Thorson, Kent Harrison, Stacy Johnson

Health Care Advocate: Krissy Droog

Settlement Committee: Paige Swanson, Kristi Ringen, Ashley Miller

2017 - 2018

St. Clair Teachers

To the WORLD you may be just a TEACHER, but to your STUDENTS you are a HERO!