The Learning Legends of Room 14

Welcome to 2017 and an exciting year of learning at St Clair School in Room 14!

This site can be used at home and at school. It is a great place for whanau and friends to see what we have been up to in Room 14 and also a place where the children can easily share their learning and access learning tools.

Meet the wonderful Room 14 2017!

'The Amazing Race' was our middle team production this year! What an exciting day we had on Wednesday showcasing all of our hard work and learning to the St Clair School Community! Check out the photos below from our awesome show!

How did Candy Canes get their shape? Check out the link to find out how Candy Canes got their shape! Use this link to help you with Card 6 on the Christmas Writing activity cards.

Polyfest for the Kapa Haka is week 9! If you need to practise listen to the clip below and sing along.

What have we been up to lately? Here are some recent photos! The middle team went to the Otago Museum in Week 8 and in Week 9 we ran the whole school assembly! Well done to Marli and Luka for the fantastic effort hosting the assembly!

Need to research? Jump on Kiddle to help!

We are learning our mihis! Miss Buchanan has demonstrated for us her saying her mihi! Check it out below!


Term 1 week 1 - Climbing Mountains!

This week we have been talking about 'mountains' that can pop up in our learning and also our friendships. Mountains pop up when we might be finding something tricky or when we might be having a problem.

Friendships - We read the story 'Pumpkin Soup'. It was about three friends called Duck, Cat and Squirrel who came across a problem (mountain) in their friendship. We helped them climb the mountain (solve the problem) and talked about other ways we can climb mountains when we come across tricky situations with friends! The video clip for the book is above.

Climbing Mountains in our learning!

Sometimes we need to persevere when things get tricky. This is like climbing a mountain! It gets hard and sometimes we want to give up! But if we can climb the mountain and get to the top, we can do anything!

Check out this video of the little bird persevering and showing resilience as they climb the mountain.