Miss Herron's Class

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End of the Year Assessments

Thursday May 31st- Reading

Friday June 1st- Spelling

Monday June 4th- Religion

Tuesday June 5th- ELA

Wednesday June 6th- Math

Thursday June 7th- Science

Friday June 8th- Social Studies

*study guides for each assessment will be going home as they are completed in school*


Field day is rescheduled to Wednesday 5/23. Go Green!!!

We are running low on tissues. If you could send in a box with your child it would be greatly appreciated.

My quizlet username is samherron5.

Math- pg. 191-192.

Spelling - cursive worksheet.

The spelling word list for the final assessment went home 5/21.

Social Studies -


The reading final assessment study guide went home 5/21.


The religion final assessment study guide went home 5/22.



Sign on information for Go Math and Journeys has gone home. For some reason, a lot of resources for other grades shows up. The fourth grade resources ARE there.


Weekly Updates

A Day- Gym

B Day- Fine Arts

C Day- Library

D Day- Technology

E Day- Science Lab

In Religion, we are learning about God's Law. This begins our in depth study of the Commandments which will take up much of the remainder of the school year.

In Math, we are jumping into chapter 7. This chapter will focus on adding and subtracting fractions.

In Science, we are exploring Ecosystems and Adaptations. Investigation 1 will focus on food webs, investigation 2 will focus on adaptations, investigation 3 will focus on environmental changes, investigation 4 will focus on environmental pollutants, and investigation 5 will focus on interactions in nature.

In Social Studies, we will are working on Chapter 7. This Chapter focuses on the Civil War Era. In lesson 1 we will learn about abolition and equal rights. In lesson 2 we will learn about the Union, the Confederacy and the Civil War. In lesson 3, we will learn about the changes that occurred after the war.

In, ELA we will be reading "Riding Freedom" and working on the skills associated with that story.

In Grammar, we are learning about homophones and modal auxiliaries. (see lesson 11 and 13 notes in grammar notebook)

SSR is Sustained Silent Reading. We have SSR everyday at 2:30.