Mrs. Tremper's Grade 6 Social Studies


The Curriculum Guidelines for Social Studies were updated last year to reflect more 21st century skills. Students will use other academic skills in this area of study such as Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Technology. Specifically, 6th grade students will be studying the Eastern Hemisphere and Ancient Civilizations and the content will include: geography, culture, history, civics and governance, and current events.

We have a text to use as well as many online resources. Social Studies homework will be assigned 2-3 nights a week. There will be weekly quizzes, unit tests, and one performance assessment each trimester which will be done in school. Grades will be posted on MSP. Once we get started, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you questions or concerns.

Homework and Announcements

Monday, Dec 3 - Homework- due on Tues, Dec 4

  • Complete "Ancient Civilization" Crossword Puzzle
  • Use handouts on Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt and pp 19-22 in SS book
  • Study terms in BOLD print