Mrs. Muldoon's Class

" When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind."

~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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May 22, 2018


Math - p. 191-192.

Spelling - p. 374. No test this week.


Notes: You will start to see Study Guides for Final Assessments. Please know that they will be needed in school each day until we have finished filling them in. We will fill them in together. All subjects have been distributed.


5/31 Reading Final Assessment

6/1 Spelling Final Assessment

6/4 Religion Final Assessment

6/5 ELA Final Assessment

6/6 Math Final Assessment

6/7 Science Final Assessment

6/8 Social Studies Final Assessment

The code for our Google Classroom is cs7p8i. Your child must be logged into his or her St. Chris Strong gmail in order for the access code to work.

My Scholastic Book Order code is H2W7F.

Weekly Schedule

5/21 B Day Gym Bring in flowers for Mary

5/22 C Day Library Final Shalom Class - Bring in proof of goal

5/23 No Letter Day FIELD DAY Room 14 is Team Gold!! Go GOLD!!!!

5/24 D Day Fine Arts



In Religion, we have completed our study of the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments books need to be completed. We are now studying how to grow in holiness. We have also begun to take part in the Shalom Program. In this ten week program, Too Good for Violence, your child will take part in many activities and discussions.

In Math, we are working on Fractions. So far, we have discussing equivalent fractions, making equivalent fractions, and simplifying fractions. We will continue with Common Denominators and Problem Solving with Fractions. Please continue to review multiplication facts. If you feel multiplication has been mastered, work on basic division facts. Flash cards are great for this!!!

In Science, we are exploring Light and Optics. We will examine How Light Interacts with Objects, Reflection, Observing Reflection, The Visible Spectrum, and the Perception of Visible Light.

In Social Studies, we are working on Chapter 7 which explores the Civil War Era. We have learned about Abolition and Equal Rights, the Divided Country during the Civil War, and Changes After the War.

In ELA, we are reading Harvesting Hope. Our story skills are Reference Materials, Generalizations, Idioms, and Sequence of Events.

SSR is Sustained Silent Reading. We have SSR everyday at 2:30. We are reading The Lost Track of Time by Paige Britt. Ask your child about the Realm of Possibility, the Remote Possibility, and the Great Moodler. Better yet, ask your child what is means to moodle.