Mrs. Muldoon's Class

" When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind."

~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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September 25, 2018

Spelling: L3 13-25 3x's each. Test Friday.

Math - p. 1

Science - Investigation 1 quiz tomorrow. (Vocabulary only) *Quizlet

Grammar - 4 Kinds of Sentences Test Thursday.

Social Studies - Chapter 1, Lesson 1 Quiz Friday. Lesson 1 ONLY. *Quizlet

Notes: Tests signed.

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The code for our Google Classroom is cs7p8i. Your child must be logged into his or her St. Chris Strong gmail in order for the access code to work.

My Scholastic Book Order code is H2W7F.

Weekly Schedule

9/24 A Day Fine Arts

9/25 B Day Computer

9/26 C Day Library

9/27 D Day Gym Science Lab

9/28 E Day FREE Water Ice from Home and School

In Chapter 2 of Religion, we will talk about Jesus' teachings.

In Math, we will learn the different ways to write numbers. We will analyze the difference between the place and value of numbers. We will also compare (< > =) and order numbers (least to greatest or greatest to least). We will spend some time rounding numbers and reviewing the processes of addition and subtraction.

In Social Studies, we have begun Chapter 1 which focuses on Pennsylvania's landforms, rivers, climate, and resources.

In Science, our first unit will focus (haha!) on Microscopes and Magnification. We will be exploring lenses, refraction, learning the parts and functions of a microscope, and using the microscope . By the end of the unit, your child will be an expert in microscopy!

In ELA, we will work on Lesson 3 in Spelling. We will read Because of Winn-Dixie. Please review vocabulary and the comprehension questions. We will focus on the following skills: flashback, point-of-view, and prefixes. In Grammar, we will be learning about the four types of sentences: declarative, exclamatory, imperative, and interrogative. Soon we will begin to work on sentence fragments and run-ons.

SSR stands for Sustained Silent Reading and this takes place from 2:30-2:45 each day. We are currently reading the book HOLES by Louis Sachar as a class. This is one of my fourth grade traditions and look forward to sharing this book each year.