Mrs. Muldoon's Class

" When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind."

~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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December 14, 2017

Spelling: p. 138. L11 Test tomorrow. No spelling lesson next week :)

Math - Review Test due tomorrow. Test Monday and Tuesday.

Science: Chemistry Posttest Tuesday. * Check out the Quizlet for study help*

Social Studies: Lesson 3 quiz Wednesday. *Check out the Quizlet for study help*

Religion - Chapter 9 test Thursday. *Check out the Quizlet for study help"

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Weekly Schedule

12/12 E Day Computer Science Lab

12/13 A Day

12/14 B Day Gym

12/15 Christmas Bazaar

12/18 C Day Library

12/19 D Day Fine Arts

12/20 E Day Computer

12/21 A Day First Grade Play in PM. Holiday break begins at 3PM Dismissal



1/4 B Day Gym

In Religion, we are learning about God's Law. This begins our in depth study of the Commandments which will take up much of the remainder of the school year. We will begin with the First Commandment this week.

In Math, we are finishing up Chapter 3 which focuses on multiplying 2-digit numbers with various strategies.

In Science, we will focus on Chemistry, Matter, and Interactions. In our first Investigation, we will be Identifying Matter. The second Investigation will have us Measuring Matter. We will be Combining Matter in Investigation 3. We will be Changing Matter in Investigation 4. We will experiments with Matter and pH in Investigation 5. By the end of the Cell, your child will be a chemist!

In Social Studies, we are learning about Early European explorers, William Penn, Colonial Times in Pennsylvania, and Westward Expansion.

In ELA, we will finish up Coming Distractions and its associated skills. We will begin reading Me and Uncle Romie. We will also finish up Capitalization in Grammar.

SSR is Sustained Silent Reading. We have SSR everyday at 2:30. We are reading "The Last Holiday Concert" by Andrew Clements.