Mrs. Muldoon's Class

" When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind."

~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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December 14, 2018

Social Studies - Chapter 4, Lesson 3 quiz Wednesday.

Science - Matter Posttest Thursday.

Religion - Chapter 8 Test Thursday.

Spelling - L13 Test Friday.

Notes: We are collecting for a gift for our lunch moms. Please send in $2.

Field Trip information went home. Please sign and return as soon as you are able.

Your child received the log in information for Think Central. This gives you access to the math and reading resources.

The code for our Google Classroom is cs7p8i. Your child must be logged into his or her St. Chris Strong gmail in order for the access code to work. ***It has been brought to my attention that fourth graders do not have email addresses this year and they may not be given them. If this remains to be the case, our class will unfortunately be unable to utilize Google classroom.***

My Scholastic Book Order code is H2W7F.

Weekly Schedule

12/10 D Day Science Lab Gym

12/11 E Day

12/12 A Day Fine Arts

12/13 B Day

12/14 Christmas Bazaar Day!!!

12/17 C Day Library

12/18 D Day Science Lab Gym

12/19 E Day Assembly

12/20 A Day Fine Arts

12/21 B Day Computer

In our next chapter of Religion, we will learn about the Commandments, being God's people, and the ways Jesus taught about God's Law.

In Math, we will explore even more multiplication, such as multiplying by tens, estimation, regrouping while multiplying 2-digit by 2-digit numbers, and problem solving. It is more important than ever to review basic multiplication facts!!

In Social Studies, we are working on Chapter 4 which focuses Early Explorers, William Penn, Colonial Pennsylvania, and Living on the Frontier.

In Science, our next unit is Matter, Chemistry, and Interactions. Within this unit, we will learn how to Identify Matter, Measure Matter, Combine Matter, Change Matter, and Measure the pH of Matter.

In ELA, we will work on Lesson 12 in Spelling NEXT WEEK. We will read Me and Uncle Romie. Please review vocabulary and the comprehension questions. We will focus on the following skills: Theme and Idioms. In Grammar, we will be learning about Compound and Complex Sentences.

SSR stands for Sustained Silent Reading and this takes place from 2:30-2:45 each day. We are currently reading the book The Last Holiday Concert by Andrew Clements.