Mrs. DiCicco's Class

As per the email that you received from Mrs. Tremper, in celebration of Valentine's Day and Heart Health Day, the children may wear red shirts, sweatshirts, or sweaters to school tomorrow. They must wear their school pants and sneakers.

The children will be going to the library on Thursday. Please make sure that your child returns his/her book. Thank you.

It is obvious that the children have been practicing their lines for our Fathers' Festival. Thank you for all that you are doing to make this day special.

The children brought home a stapled packet containing High Frequency Words and Alphabet Cards. Please use these at home for review.

If your child is having difficulty with the Homework Packet, please let me know. The last thing that I want to happen is for your child to dislike learning. The purpose of the packet is to review some of the things we have done in school and also to give them a little taste of what it is going to be like next year.

Here are some Homework tips:

The characters are the people or animals in a story.

The setting is where the story takes place. If the story has more than one setting, just draw one.

Sentences begin with uppercase letters and end with a period or question mark.

Spaces are left between words. In school, we use a spaceman or craft stick to help with our spacing.

When printing, the children should start their letters at the top and work down towards the bottom.

When it says to Write the Word on their High Frequency Word pages, it is only necessary to write the word once or twice. They do not have to fill up the whole line.