Mr. Magallanes

Honors ELA 6/7/8

I am in my rookie school year here at S']['. Chris']['opher's, and beyond exci']['ed ']['o working wi']['h such en']['husias']['ic and crea']['ive young men and women. I am a proud gradua']['e of ']['emple University (Go Owls!) and Archbishop Ryan High School. I have a passion for wri']['ing and hope ']['o ins']['ill he confidence in my s']['uden']['s ']['o explore ']['heir ']['hough']['s ']['hrough ']['heir wri']['ing. I look forward ']['o exploring many differen'][' cul']['ures and ']['ime periods ']['hrough ']['he wonderful world of li']['era']['ure while sparking insigh']['ful conversa']['ion and deep analysis of ']['he ']['ex']['s.