Mrs. Imlay

St. Cecilia Technology

Welcome to St. Cecilia Technology. Students from Pre-K to 8th Grade come to the Technology Classroom once a week to learn and practice technology skills including Microsoft office. Students in grades 5-8 also learn Google Docs, Google Classroom and are introduced to coding concepts.

Class Assignments and Missing Work

Students in Grades 4-8 earn a Computer grade which is reflected on their report cards. All requested work must be turned in on time. Grades 5-8 MUST turn in their assignments through Google Classroom (NOT through sharing or invitations to edit.) The following items go into the Computer Grade on the report card:

  • Typing Skills/Practce
  • Participation (Working quietly, following the rules, and turning in assignments) I keep track of these things on the student's Participation Card.
  • Grades on assignments

If You Are Absent

1. Check Google Classroom for any work you have missed. Many times there is an announcement with work we have done that day.

2. All work is due and expected on the posted Due Date.

3. Feel free to see me or contact a class friend to find out what you missed and what is expected.

4. The student is responsible for finding out what is missed and for completing the work.

5. Any work that is missing will negatively affect grades.

Tech Rules

Technology Rules
Card Codes

Technology Classroom Prayer

Jesus, Lord of Light, we often describe you as the Way, the Truth and the Light. Guide us in this exciting realm of electric generated light and programmed pathways. Here, as in all things, we seek Your truth.

St. Isidore of Seville, Pray for us.

St Cecilia, Pray for us.