Mrs. Stokes

Grade 2 Room 23

Dear Parents,

This week we will continue to work on Unit 2 in Religion. We will continue to study the Act of Contrition. I am giving the children a Listening and Speaking grade for the prayer. They need to be able to say it out loud for their Penance so it is important that they know it. If your child said it already then there is a mark already in the computer for this. If not then they still need to practice this. Math we are skip counting. Please continue to work with your child on their Math facts. We will not have a reading test for the next story. (Animals Building Homes) In English we will continue to work on Singular and Plural Nouns on page 60. Please review the rules with the children. There will be a test on this on Wednesday. Please let me know if you use the online computer grading system. (My Students Progress) The box top race is underway.


Mrs. Stokes

Fall Fundraiser is underway!

Magazine and Cookie Dough Drive last collection on Tuesday October 9th.

Let's Go Eagles!

Let's Go Flyers!

The children are always asking what is for lunch. Look below for Lunch Menu this week.