Mrs. Gullotti

Room 63


Format for Test Corrections

1. ALL tests must be signed.

2. Any test score below a 90 will require corrections.

3. All corrections must be done on theme paper and be stapled to each of your signed tests

4. You must write out the entire question and the correct answer.

5. You will have two days to complete corrections.

Welcome-Room63 - Stationery & Supply List

Stationery List for

Students Entering Grade 6

The following items must be purchased in school. Please do not buy them anywhere else. They must be uniform throughout the grade.

  • A jumbo zippered pencil case (cost @ $3.75) Cash or Check
  • $1.00 for teacher-supplied folders Must be CASH

Please send in a check or cash for the exact amount this week. Your child has already been given some of these supplies.

The following items may be purchased at any store.. Students should report on the first day of school with these supplies in their backpacks:

7 Marble copybooks

several pkgs. of erasable black pens (no blue pens allowed)

2 red pens (no other colors)

several #2 pencils with erasers, including cap erasers

small covered pencil sharpener

6 inch ruler

crayons/colored pencils


scotch tape


yellow highlighter (YELLOW only)

2 pkgs. supply of theme paper (not college ruled)

inexpensive calculator

several large book socks

3 boxes of tissues, 1 roll of paper towels, and a container of antibacterial wipes

pocket packs of tissue to keep in pencil case

plastic expandable folder with several sections to label

(This folder may be purchased at pharmacies,

Staples, Office Max. If you are not sure which type to

buy, please wait until the teacher puts one on display.)

All supplies should be replenished as school year progresses. Students should never come to school without pencils, paper, or black erasable pens. Please keep a check on your child’s supplies throughout the year.

Thank you