Our Senedd helps us to think about how we can help not just ourselves and our community but also the whole world. We are using the Global Goals initiative to help each team think about how we can make the world a fairer, safer and better place for all of God's creations.

Watch this video to find out what the Global Goals are.

This special project has launched in late 2016. The Senedd is run by Mrs. Gould, our headteacher and our two prime ministers Sophia and Jakub. The goal of the 'Senedd' is to improve our school, community and the world.

New for 2017/2018: Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Gould meet regularly with representatives from each Foundation Phase class so that they are more involved (This is one of our school targets)

St. Cadoc's 'Senedd' Teams:

Communication Team

Chaplancy Team

Digital Learning Team

Enterprise Team

Criw Cymraeg (Welsh Crew)

Learning Environment

Healthy Schools

Curriculum Team

Mission Team

Wellbeing Team

Safety Team

Eco And Fairtrade

Our Prime Ministers


The people in the Senedd are our Key Stage 2 (year 3-6). The Senedd is the National Assembly for Wales but in this case we mean our version at St Cadoc's.

The Senedd also gives children the opportunity to have their say (opinion) on things.

The Senedd benefits our school greatly because of the opportunities for us children to have a say. Below is a picture of the Cabinet meeting of all the team chairs. They meet regularly to feedback to the Leadership team of our school.