Welcome to Ms. Follett's Grade 4 Class

Important Notice Regarding Parking Lot Safety:

1. We have had over 10 complaints this year about unsafe driving on the parking lot.

2. The posted speed limit on the parking lot is 10 km/hr. Please ensure anyone who is dropping off your child is obeying this speed limit.

3. Our most important priority is the safety and well-being of the students entrusted in our care, however we can only ensure this safety with your cooperation, please.

Welcome to the site for Ms. Follett's Grade 4 Class. These are the following links that are located above. Please check daily for important information.

  • Homework: Brief daily notes and communication of expectations of upcoming days.
  • Today in Grade 4: A overview of what we did during the day. This will be updated by 5:00 p.m each day.
  • Schedule: The monthly calendar will be updated each month as well as specific days for Gym and Music.